Who am I ?

Soul – Who am I ? Self Realisation

The consciousness, spiritual light, the fundamental reality, the Self, is the eternal Soul. And hence that ”I” is for the Soul not for the body. Beyond the physical appearance, the Soul is a tiny point of divine light. Soul can think and decide through its faculties of mind and intellect. We live the life through this physical body. And everything that happens with us, is a result of our Karma (past actions/deeds). Self-realisation enables us to detach from the body consciousness and emerge our inner powers and virtues.

Human life is invaluable. We can shape our future by our decisions and deeds. We have intellect to differentiate the right and wrongs. God has said to us – ‘Realise the Self first’. Without that, everything is baseless. So let’s being the course.



Introduction of the Self – English

Life exists as a result of a union of Soul and its body. When a soul enters the womb of a mother, the process of creation of body starts. This process includes the creation of the brain, heart and sense organs. Such as the sanskar of the soul, such would be the creation of its body.

The organs of body are controlled by the soul through the faculty of ‘brain’. Soul is not a physical light but a light of conscious energy. The fundamental being of experience. I am the one who experiences this life through this body made of 5 elements (soil, water, fire, air and space)

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Seat of the Soul

Soul is located in the part of the brain called the hypothalamus. Sitting on this seat, we the Soul can control the nervous system and, through it, various organs in the body. Just as a driver controls a car through its control mechanisms while sitting in the driver’s seat, the soul uses the brain to control the body. The brain is the machine by means of which the soul thinks, remembers, receives and sends messages to physical organs through the nerves. Apart from physical sensations, the soul experiences pleasure, pain, happiness and sorrow through the brain.

Seat of Soul - Who am I - BK

Sacred Geometry (pdf)

Nature of the Soul

Soul have no gender. It is a tiny, metaphysical, conscious point of spiritual light, not the light which comes from stars but we are a light of consciousness, powers and virtues. The number of souls is finite and all souls are unique and eternal: is never created and can not be destroyed by any means. We only change the body as the body gets weak or old or due to unnatural incident.

Invisible to the physical eye, we exist as a fundamental truth, the creator of feelings that we ourself feel. We can experience our presence through meditation, as simple as looking inside us, and the reality as a detached observer.

The intrinsic nature of the soul is of peace, love, truth, bliss and purity. We only can desire that we once had. All powers lies in Purity of Soul. When we became impure, we lost our inner unlimited powers. Soul is unlimited, all happiness is on the basis of purity of soul. We could only see the body with this eyes. Soul is only felt. Yet there are many those who had visions of the Soul or of God as light. This is all true and is revealed in Murli also.

Faculties (properties) of the Soul

It is very subtle to understand about the properties of the tiniest Soul, but it is the very fundamental nature. While the Soul is a point of light, we can think and reflect; we can experience pleasure and pain; can decide to make efforts, either good or bad. The soul has three intrinsic faculties – mind, intellect and impressions.3 Faculties of Soul - Brahma Kumaris

The first property of Soul is called Mind. Yes, not this mind (brain), but the mind of Soul. Through the mind, we perform actions. This first property is most commonly used in our life – while doing every Karma (action). Mind gives us suitable suggestions which are for the welfare of body for example.

 Now a higher property of Soul, through which we decide and differentiate. ‘We shape our Life with our taken decisions’  There is a unique role of Intellect. It is said that the intellect is hidden, but is higher than the mind. When we want to decide between few options or judge the right and wrong, the intellect is used. Then the mind orders the organs to bring the outcome in practical action. This is the procedure. Hearing this, you would say, it is almost instant that I think and I do it, but there lies the third faculty that plays its part.

” Mind is a machine that can think everything of the world, from which the Intellect chooses what is Right and What is wrong to do. Intellect is the judge. As without the mind, the Soul cannot think, without the Intellect we cannot differentiate right and wrong.”



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