Separation After Marriage

Separation after marriage and two grown up children is getting difficult for a mother. She writes email to us asking for guidance on How to resolve misunderstandings with husband. Here is our response. Original Email Received Om Shanthi! My husband being MBA left a good job and started abusing me verbally. Gradually, it turned to... Continue Reading →

Husband Wife – Healing Relationship

Husband was not taking financial responsibility and wife needs to tolerate his behavior. Which is the best way to handle the situation and save the relationship? Here is our guidance. Original Email Received Om shanti, I m vandana, n i m very confused to take right decision, even i so depressed that wanted to suicide,... Continue Reading →

Husband and Wife?

Sometimes adverse situations arise in relationships due to misunderstandings and egos from both sides. Yet there is definitely a way to sort out. This is our advice to solve. Original Email Received Om Shanti!! Pls tell me self respect is more important or relationship? I am newly married got 3 months...and from 2 months we... Continue Reading →

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