Are others wrong /bad?

If you see someone doing a wrong action and yet seem to enjoy life and you feel low about this. Here is a question by a Sister who saw a friend taking a wrong path in life (to earn money and comforts) and asks us the reason WHY and HOW does such people experience happiness?... Continue Reading →

Husband Wife – Healing Relationship

Husband was not taking financial responsibility and wife needs to tolerate his behavior. Which is the best way to handle the situation and save the relationship? Here is our guidance. Original Email Received Om shanti, I m vandana, n i m very confused to take right decision, even i so depressed that wanted to suicide,... Continue Reading →

Husband’s Anger Problem

Heal The Relationships Another Husband Wife relationship guidance. Here a sister writes about her husband having anger problem where suddenly mood changes. So how to handle the situation - should I heal that soul with good vibrations or should we take divorce? Original Email Received Good morning Sister/brother, My husband is aggressive and short tempered.... Continue Reading →

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