Mind and Brain Difference

Here is pointwise difference between brain (of body) and the mind (of the Soul).  Answer: Brain is a physical organ of this body. Brian is the operator between your entire body (organs, senses) and the mind of soul. Understand that clearly. Just as an operator connects 2 different things, such that the 'brain' connects 'body'... Continue Reading →

Spirituality for Children

Our guidance on how one can introduce morality and spirituality in their child's life in early stage (during childhood). Please read and you will also have to visit the links. Original Email Received I'm looking for advice on exposing my 3 year old granddaughter to rajyoga meditation. She's extremely energetic. In addition to all of... Continue Reading →

Overcoming Anxiety and OCD

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD is a type of anxiety disorder. People with OCD are often plagued by recurring and distressing thoughts, fears or images they cannot control. The anxiety produced by these thoughts leads to an urgent need to perform certain rituals or compulsions .This is a test - how we deal and overcome. ... Continue Reading →

Want to End my Life – Our Guidance

Your Life is a Gift to you. LIVE it, don't leave it. Challenges comes in everyone's life. However big or small it look, it has come to teach us an important lesson. Learning is a process of life which should never stop. Struggle teaches such that it can make you like diamond. The more the... Continue Reading →

Overcome Depression Forever

Depression is caused either to due overthinking, derived from either loneliness or feeling of failure (without Hope). So here is an upliftment or encouragement given for those who are feeling 'little bit depressed'. Learning lesson from life. Original Email Received Om shanti! my name is karan bahety and i am a student. my problem in... Continue Reading →

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