प्यारे बापदादा की 108 श्रीमत (Shiv Baba’s 108 Shrimat)

प्यारे बापदादा की 108 श्रीमत (108 points of Shrimat from Shiv Baba's Gyan Murli) Visit the PDF version to download or print. 1.    पवित्र बनो, योगी बनो । 2.    देह सहित देह के सर्व सम्बन्धों को भूल एक बाप को ही याद करना है । 3.    ब्राह्मण कुल की मर्यादाओं का पालन करना है । 4.    कभी भी संगदोष... Continue Reading →

Not want to Marry, but Parents…

Not wanting to get married, a sister writes to us for guidance on how to convince their parents so that they don't force her to marry. What reason to present them? Sister presents many reasons and a strong will of staying single (Brahmacharya). As this is also God (Shiv Baba's) shrimat given, we are delighted... Continue Reading →

How to become a Brahma Kumar while in family

How can I live a life of a Brahma Kumar while living with my family? How to convince my family that I don't want to marry. This is our guidance on Purity/celibacy or Brahmacharya. A way to live the life as great in the line of Shiv baba's Shrimat. Guidelines for Brahma Kumari or Kumari living with their loukik family

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