Navratri Spiritual Significance

Navratri has been celebrated in entire Bharat (present India) since ancient time. Devi is worshiped for nine days and some devotees (Bhakt) observe fast during these nine days. There are different rituals however in north, south, east and west regions of India. The words used to describe this occasion are different but the purpose is... Continue Reading →

वरदानो की शक्ति

वरदानों की शक्ति (Power of Blessings). This is Hindi 25 points article on Power of blessings, inspired by Avyakt Murlis. Do SHARE this article (blog post) to many others...   * शिव भगवानुवाच :-*1.) जैसे मैं इस ड्रामा को साक्षी होकर देखता हूँ वैसे तुम भी देखो तो बाप समान बन जाएंगे।2.) स्वस्थिति श्रेष्ठ है तो परिस्थितियां... Continue Reading →

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