Improving Health

This is advise given to solve health issue with the help of Rajyoga Meditation as taught the God himself. God is the supreme surgeon, with his powers any disease whether of body (mental+physical) or soul (five vices) can be treated. Here is step by step guidance. Original Email Received Om shanti , My mother (Narasamma-83yrs)... Continue Reading →

Husband and Wife?

Sometimes adverse situations arise in relationships due to misunderstandings and egos from both sides. Yet there is definitely a way to sort out. This is our advice to solve. Original Email Received Om Shanti!! Pls tell me self respect is more important or relationship? I am newly married got 3 months...and from 2 months we... Continue Reading →

How to ask seek Forgiveness from Souls?

In meditation, how to get an apology from a soul of a family member who died? Here is our guidance for swamaan and giving them Sakash. Original Question via Email  Namaskar Brother/Sister  how to get apology from the dead family members? how can I ask for apology from them (my late grandmother, my late parents) Hoping for your kind... Continue Reading →

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