Hurt or Break in Relationship

Breakup in love relationship lead to hurt. Here is our help and guidance to spiritual understand and to overcome from the pain created. Also the direction to connect with God (our spiritual father) to enjoy the true and unconditional love and acceptance. Original Email Received om shanti i have a request that i want my... Continue Reading →

How to deal with unstable love relations?

Nowadays unstable love relations have become very common. This is our advise to tackle. Original Email Received I love and believed him a lot, but went wrong by doubting him. I asked him apology many a times. But he's just sticked to it n not understanding the situation why i did? what should i do? How should i resolve? He's not ready to listen anything. U am trying... Continue Reading →

Parents, Career and Love

In present time, many students are falling in the chapters of love. On one hand they have lots of burden of education and hence their parents wish them to study properly and get good marks and live a good life. Due to stress, some children may take help of chatting with friends so as to... Continue Reading →

I loved a Girl

Love is very beautiful feeling, but is it always so? What is someone you love with heart is separated? This will instead create sorrow. Hence God teaches the way of detachment with a natural love and that for everyone (all souls). The love between 2 souls is deserved from past birth relationships. This is a... Continue Reading →

Spirituality for Children

Our guidance on how one can introduce morality and spirituality in their child's life in early stage (during childhood). Please read and you will also have to visit the links. Original Email Received I'm looking for advice on exposing my 3 year old granddaughter to rajyoga meditation. She's extremely energetic. In addition to all of... Continue Reading →

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