Language of Soul – Thoughts and feelings

Discussion on the Language of Soul - Thoughts and Feelings. Shiv Baba constantly reminds the children that to pass the “Final Paper” of becoming the “embodiment of remembrance and conqueror of attachment”, it is important that you master the final course and become “the embodiment of the language of thoughts and feelings”. This is required... Continue Reading →

Mind and Brain Difference

Here is pointwise difference between brain (of body) and the mind (of the Soul).  Answer: Brain is a physical organ of this body. Brian is the operator between your entire body (organs, senses) and the mind of soul. Understand that clearly. Just as an operator connects 2 different things, such that the 'brain' connects 'body'... Continue Reading →

Parenting and Healing a Teen age child

A small guide for parents or family member of someone who is at a young age suffering from a mental disease or in common terms - Change of Behavior (abnormal behavior). Here is our guidance. MUST read till end. Original Email Received Dear Sister Shivani, Apologies for the long email but I wanted to explain... Continue Reading →

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