Healing Friendship

Here is a spiritual understanding and a way to heal a friendship if the relationship bond was broken due to some misunderstanding... Original Email Received Unintentionally, I have hurt my best friend and have betrayed her trust by telling wrong about her to one of his friend (gosipping). I tried a lot to say her... Continue Reading →

Parenting and Healing a Teen age child

A small guide for parents or family member of someone who is at a young age suffering from a mental disease or in common terms - Change of Behavior (abnormal behavior). Here is our guidance. MUST read till end. Original Email Received Dear Sister Shivani, Apologies for the long email but I wanted to explain... Continue Reading →

Husband Wife – Healing Relationship

Husband was not taking financial responsibility and wife needs to tolerate his behavior. Which is the best way to handle the situation and save the relationship? Here is our guidance. Original Email Received Om shanti, I m vandana, n i m very confused to take right decision, even i so depressed that wanted to suicide,... Continue Reading →

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