Question Answers 3 (Murli related)

These are questions and its given answers from Murli related concepts. Baba has answered everything in brief. We children only need to churn (Vichar manthan) and this way we imbibe the ''power'' from the raw knowledge. Sakar murlis are the source of pure (raw) knowledge, while Avyakt murlis are source of wisdom. 1. ''Is Moksha the ultimate aim of Life?''Moksha... Continue Reading →

GOD is One, One knowledge

After the 7 days course, many would have questions in mind about - Has God really come? Is Godfather the speaker of these Murlis? and How to connect to him through RajYog... Original Questions came via Email I came to BK very recently i.e January 2019 (took the 7 days Rajyoga course).  Before that, I... Continue Reading →

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