What is Purpose and Meaning of Life ?

What is Life? What is the purpose? How one should live? How to attain happiness? -upon an asked question via email, we have responded with this explanation. Question was asked by Ayushi via our contact form. Original Question in Email: Greetings, Hope you all are doing well. I want to know what is life. I... Continue Reading →

Brahma Kumaris Films and Documentaries

Films, movie trailer (promo) and documentaries made by Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Godly University. Watch free from YouTube. One place for Godly experiences. 2018: Brahma Baba par Ek Documentary Film 'Satya ki Khoj' - A Film as a Godly Message Who is GOD ? - ParamAtma Shiv ka Parichay Brahma Kumaris - Introduction in HINDI Brahma... Continue Reading →

प्यारे बापदादा की 108 श्रीमत (Shiv Baba's 108 Shrimat)

1. पवित्र बनो, योगी बनो । 2. देह सहित देह के सर्व सम्बन्धों को भूल एक बाप को ही याद करना है । 3. ब्राह्मण कुल की मर्यादाओं का पालन करना है । 4. कभी भी संगदोष में नहीं आना है । 5. सदा श्रेष्ठ संग, ईश्वरीय संग में रहना है । 6. सब को... Continue Reading →

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