21 points: Why did I Join Brahma Kumaris?

21 points as a reason that I joined the Yagya of Prajapita Brahma Kumaris - by BrahmaKumar (BK) Anil (Bombay, India)Why I have joined Prajapita Brahmakumaris Godly Spiritual University? Here are the 21 Points that may interest you and touch your life story as well. I hope, by reading and listening to this, you receive benefit. If... Continue Reading →

How to ask seek Forgiveness from Souls?

In meditation, how to get an apology from a soul of a family member who died? Here is our guidance for swamaan and giving them Sakash. Original Question via Email  Namaskar Brother/Sister  how to get apology from the dead family members? how can I ask for apology from them (my late grandmother, my late parents) Hoping for your kind... Continue Reading →

How to become a Brahma Kumar while in family

How can I live a life of a Brahma Kumar while living with my family? How to convince my family that I don't want to marry. This is our guidance on Purity/celibacy or Brahmacharya. A way to live the life as great in the line of Shiv baba's Shrimat. Guidelines for Brahma Kumari or Kumari living with their loukik family

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