Husband Wife and Anger

A sister facing relationship problems with husband after 25+ years of marriage. Asks for guidance on how to give good vibrations to life partner so that they can heal the anger. This is our advice. Original Email Received Om Shanti, I have been having strained relations with my spouse for over last two months (... Continue Reading →

Overcome Depression Forever

Depression is caused either to due overthinking, derived from either loneliness or feeling of failure (without Hope). So here is an upliftment or encouragement given for those who are feeling 'little bit depressed'. Learning lesson from life. Original Email Received Om shanti! my name is karan bahety and i am a student. my problem in... Continue Reading →

Husband’s Anger Problem

Heal The Relationships Another Husband Wife relationship guidance. Here a sister writes about her husband having anger problem where suddenly mood changes. So how to handle the situation - should I heal that soul with good vibrations or should we take divorce? Original Email Received Good morning Sister/brother, My husband is aggressive and short tempered.... Continue Reading →

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