Shri Krishna Birth

Shri Krishna – Birth of the first prince of Satyug

He is the first prince of the Golden age (heaven). Krishna, the name means – ‘The One who attracts’. Krishna is first soul to be separated from the Supreme Soul (God) and thus have that spiritual attraction on face. His birth itself brings waves of happiness in the whole Bharat. It is the sign that the New world has began, Satyug, the Golden age has come.

Shri Krishna birth in 2036

Shri means elevated. God is the greatest and highest (Shri Shri) and he makes us ‘Shri’ just like him. Krishna is a child of course, and he does not rule the world. Instead, he took birth to a King and Queen who rules the world. Yes. The only child of that emperor (Maha Raja). Yet the name of emperor is not praised. This is because it is Shri Krishna who is number one soul with whom the World Drama begins and not his father or mother.

Radha is a friend of Krishna. Radha is the princess of Golden age. They both will marry when they grow up and together they will be called ‘Shri Lakshmi-Narayan’ where Shri Lakshmi is the name given to Radha and Shri Narayan is name given to Krishna after their marriage. The kingdom of Lakshmi Narayan begins. This is the highest stage of world. Perfect happiness and all prosperity. Nature is a servant. Human are aware of their spiritual identity and are full with all powers, virtues and talents. Read More

The Birth

Shri Krishna takes birth when the old world (Kaliyug) is destroyed. Upon this, only one continent (Bharat) will be visible on surface, and all the gold under the Earth will come on the surface and covers the entire Bharat continent (India). This world transformation and birth of Krishna happens exactly 100 years after Shiv Jayanti (decent of God). World transformation takes 100 years. Thus, it can be estimated, that in or around 2036, the birth of first prince – Krishna will take place in a sacred place beyond all sorrow that the world offers.

Birth of Shri Krishna in satyug

It will be a place where only pure and divine souls lives. No soul with an impure vision (eye) can see the deities. The birth will be surely to a king in a palace and not in a jail. When Shri Krishna is born, the whole community of deity souls will know through visions. Sound will be spread that the first child is born and the new world has began. Joy will arose. Waves of sorrow ends. This is the morning.

Life in Satyug

After the born of Krishna, many other deity souls will come one by one and the world will be filled with them. There are still those souls here who will give birth to them. They will also enjoy heaven. They are parents of deities. They are called – the Advance Party. Every child in heaven will be called a prince and princess, not only Radha and Krishna. The new world starts when Lakshmi and Narayan takes the seat of world emperor and world empress. There will be a population of only 900,000 at the beginning. This is the most perfect world. See that world.

life of shri krishna in 2036 golden age

How is life in Satyug – Know more in this Video

Life in Satyug is playing, eating, dancing and sleeping. ~Avyakt Murli

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