What is Murli and Shrimat of Shiv Baba?


Since childhood, many of us are taught to pray to God for whatever we need. We also believe that God knows everything. In many religions, God is described as the supreme truth and a knower of all existence. But what is the existence? And what is that to be known?
Plus we certainly know this (that
God is knowledgeful) because we had received the knowledge from him in past. It is said, the history repeats itself. Then we come to know about the World Drama that is an unending cycle of creation, maintenance and destruction (transformation).

We all human beings are a part of this World Drama. Only one God (the Supreme Soul) stays beyond this cycle.

Now he has come to impart us the knowledge of Soul, the Supreme Soul and this eternal World drama.

The knowledge (in Hindi, it is called ‘Gyan’) pronounced to us children by our spiritual father (god), through the medium of Prajapita Brahma (ancestor of all human beings – Adam) is called as Murli or Gyan Murli (murali). Brahma is chariot of God and through him, God (Shiv) creates the new world. Hindu scriptures later described Brahma being the creator.

Brahma Kumais Murli BapDada

Revelations from Murli

Gyan Murli – Lifeline of Brahmins

Murlis are the unadultrated original versions of Shiv Baba our Supreme Teacher,as initially & actually spoken by Him through His corporeal medium Brahma Baba from 1951 till 1969 (referred to as ‘SAKAAR‘ Murlis). These precious teachings have been preserved through the years, and circulated to all the 9000 Brahma Kumaris branches throughout the world, and read out daily during ‘Murli-Class’ to the BK students, by the teacher sister-in-charge.

The murli is their daily food for thought. It’s a class on divine values which inspires the godly students on how to think, life and serve. It is not chanting, repeating or learning by rote, but is a realisation, an experience of this divine wisdom in our personal life.

Thousands of brahman (BKs) start their day by studying (read or listen) the murli to set their awareness in the direction of God’s advice, following which they also can easily manage their family relationships better. Most of the BKs live at their home, not in centres, and this is also an advice given in murlis.

Once we inculcate the divine virtue of purity (celibacy) within us, then we become a godly student and start a new life in which there is self realisation and remembrance of our spiritual father Shiv baba. Shiv baba speaks to us only during the Murli and hence the murli is the most important guide for us. It is a nectar, having which, we receive our inheritance from the father. What is the inheritance? It is the new world (heaven) which god comes to create.

God’s versions covers many topics which when we implement in our day to day life, brings a magical transformation in self as far as dealing with life’s challenges. In short Murli is the Karma Darshan of self. By reading the excerpts of Murli we analyse the quality of our Karma.

The true bliss of listening the murli is when a soul has an undeviated remembrance of Shiv baba (the supreme soul)

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