Maha Shivratri

Maha Shivratri / Shiv Avtaran /Shiv Jayanti (incarnation of God)

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Spiritual Significance

Maha means ‘Great’, ratri means ‘night’ and jayanti means ‘born date’. Shiv came when the night was great.. Shiv is the name of Supreme Soul (god) meaning ‘Ever Benefactor’, the one who benefits everyone. We are his children.

Shiv-ratri or Shiv Jayanti is celebrated in Bharat (India) since the copper age. We remember this day as the time in which God himself appeared in world.

Ratri is associated with Shiv because he comes in night of ignorance. When the world was in night, when souls became impure with the 5 vices, when the true religion of purity and peace and the spiritual self identity is forgotten. In such time only, him came to awaken us, to re establish the Dharma (religion) of peace in world and uplifted the whole humanity.(Yada Yada hi Dharmasya…)

After 100 years of Shiv Jayanti, the new world begins. God father is the creator of heaven. It takes 100 years to transform the whole world and humanity. This is the greatest task of all. If we consider all major parts played by human souls, like Ibrahim, Buddha, Christ, etc., they all are messengers of God, they all established their own religions and gave their perspective towards God and taught the art of living. Many great people changed the history. Some through the message of peace, some through their wisdom, and some through war. But only to some extent. The religions still exist, but also sorrow exist as the world kept falling down (spiritually speaking). No one could uplift the world, even with the greatest tries.

Because this is not a task of a human being. This is a task of the supreme being, whom all religions, the world world prays. All shows the different paths towards the God. It is to understand that we all pray to God for help, thus it is must that we all have experienced his help many times before. We ask him for happiness and peace, thus he must be the source and giver of peace. So when did the supreme father come and gave us his inheritance, and done all this, so much that the humans still remember him, worship and pray to him? Come and know through these given videos.

Maha Shivratri truth – Revelation

Shiv Avtaran documentary

Shiv Avtaran by BK Suraj (Hindi)

Shiv Jayanti (English) by BK Jayanti

Shiv and Shankar difference

Maha Shivratri Secret

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