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This is the new (2018) and main website for Brahma Kumaris God fatherly Spiritual University. Do you wish to link this website to your website? So that your site visitors can access the vast resources available here.. Below are guidelines for you:

Option 1:

You would see 2 options to SHARE the content of this website: 1. Via Share inbuilt buttons that appears at page bottom (mobile view) and on left side (desktop view). This shares the page you are on. 2. Menu Share option: SHARE button (text with a link) is on almost every page of this website. Click that. You will see a lightbox which appeared on screen. You have 3 options.

Share on : 1. WhatsApp 2. Facebook 3. Twitter

Menu share options hares the Main page under which the current page is available. By this way, you can help MANY new BK, family members and relatives to learn the Raja Yoga course online available on this website and access unlimited audio and video resources.

Option 2:

Do you have a website?

You can easily link the pages of this website to your own website. Just copy the page’s URL and paste on your site’s page – Giving a brief description or Title to before that URL link.

For example:

About Brahma Kumaris:

Option 3:

Do you have a website?

You can also embed any of this website’s pages on your website. For this, you need an iFrame or HTML code. Copy below code and paste on your HTML web page:

Brahma Kumaris Official Website – Home

Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University established by God Father ‘Shiv’ to re-establish the Golden Age. Main official website for all abouts, resources, services, information & RajYoga meditation course. Mt Abu- India

Above code is for Resources page and you can alter the code for any page.

Otherwise use this HTML embed generator:

Because Sharing is a Service and Time is Less.

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