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How can the eternal world end! World is only ‘transformed’ into new again when it reaches its old impure stage. The golden age is re-established by God, the creator of heaven. Here are written and spoken words of revelations from Gyan Murlis both Sakar and Avyakt.

End of Old World - Destruction scenes - BapDada Murli

”I teach you the Supreme knowledge of RajYog (Raja Yoga) at the end of iron age, when it is the time to repeat the cycle, I come and re-establish heaven on earth.”

God (Shiv)

Law of Universe

Have you ever thought, or you believe that it is very common to be considered for a thought – that everything that exists or any event that happens, is divided into 3 major stages. When that thing is newly made, it is in its Satto i.e. purest stage. This is its first stage. Then the process of degradation begins. This is the second stage (middle stage). Then it progresses towards its lowest i.e degraded state. Read this Blog post to understand this widely and clearly.

Process of Transformation

As explained on World drama cycle page, the cycle repeats at the end of kaliyug (iron age). That means the golden age is re-established. World is shifted from darkness of ignorance to the light of self realisation. The human beings in golden age knows the identity of the self as a Soul.

There cannot be a greater shift, the entire world is transformed, both physically and spiritually.

Physical Transformation

Today, as we know, there are 7 continents in world. Human population has increased more than 7 Billions. This is the limit. All the souls has come down on earth from the soul world, to play their part in world drama. So who will take us all back to the home, from where we all came number-wise? It is the Supreme Soul

. To liberate us all from the sorrow of old world and take us back to the silence world (home of peace). As the world destruction is a process, it is not instantly that everything that is created would end. No. But 3/4th of the land of world will be submerged under the ocean. The 3/4th of land excludes only one continent Bharat (ancient land where new world will begin). God comes in Bharat to re establish heaven that existed 5000 years ago. It is present India with some parts of its sub-continents.

Destruction happens through Science. Nature will also help in world transformation. Tsunami, Earth quakes and land slides accelerates the process. Everything of the old world will go under the Earth, merged into oceans and destroyed by the heat under Earth. This is renewal of the entire globe. On the other hand, as Bharat will not face the destruction through nature. Instead, domestic wars would occur and people would kill each other with whatever they have. This reaches the lowest stage of humanity. A human will kill another human in the name of religion and cast. There will be no fresh water to drink nor food to eat. Some would have to eat animals to survive. By experience of great sorrow in a little time, sins to human souls will be cut down. Souls will be thus liberated from the cycle.

Nature will also be purified. In meanwhile, the following scenes will occur:

1. Global warming will increase with time and hence the ice in north pole will melt down, causing a great tsunami in the oceans. This way the coastal areas will be submerged under the ocean. It would be seen as if they never existed.

2. Earthquakes will play a major part in destruction around the world. Everything will go under the Earth in matter of seconds. Due to this, the tectonic plates under the land will start shaking and the poles of Earth will revert. This will double the gravitational force of earth. This will more help to destroy the elements under the ocean (pressure of water due to high gravity force). The elements will mix into elements and collapse.

3. Sun. The importance of the sun in life is the greatest. It is today, the reason that life can exist. It will then also help in world transformation. As it is known, the sun is becoming more hot day by day. On the other hand, the ozone layer around the globe is getting weak. This is cause the direct fall of sun rays on earth. This will cause many calamities.

4. Atom bombs are made not to just keep, but they will surely be used during world war. As the world reaches its down stage, countries will fight for nothing. This is in the Drama and hence is no one’s fault. This atomic energy will rise a new sun on the earth itself. The temperate will rise upto 10,000 degrees for a little time. This will melt down all the elements and they are purified within this great fire. Then the ocean will calm the fire and fire will be merged in the ocean.

By all the above told activities, there will be a complete renewal of earth and five elements of nature (air, water, land, fire and space) will be purified. Only one continent Bharat will be visible on surface which will be washed by heavy rainfalls and earthquakes.

Subtle or Inner Transformation

One world is external that we see with this eyes. Second is the inner world where we think and believe. Actually, the matter of happiness and sorrow is of within. One experiences happiness if he have good thoughts. At the very end of cycle, now the world has reached the height of sorrow. It is more of inner world. Our thoughts are causing sorrow. Maya or 5 vices are in our mind only. They are created and preserved due to lack of awareness of the true self.

God’s most elevated task is to detroy the inner world of vices with powerful arrows of Knowledge of self realisation, of creation and the creator. At the extent one inculcates this divine knowledge, he becomes viceless. He becomes pure from within. When most of the souls are purified by the mean of this knowledge and Raja Yoga (a meditation with God), the inner world overall gets transformed into the Golden age or heaven. That is an age or time when Souls are in a stage of soul consciousness. This two (knowledge & RajYoga) are medium of God to bring the inner transformation into all the Souls.

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