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Dadi Gulzaar aka Dadi Hridaya Mohini is currently Joint Administrative representing Head of Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Godly Spiritual University. Dadi Gulzar joined Yagya (institution) at an age of 8, at its very beginning (around 1936) through a boarding school for children called ‘Om Niwas’ founded by Dada Lekhraj (then renamed Brahma baba).

Early Spiritual life of Dadi Gulzar was full of joy and intoxication of being a child of God (as in those days Murli was spoken about everynone being a child of God and God has come to give an inheritance of Heaven to them. This were the very initial teachings by Shiv baba through Dada Lekhraj (Brahma baba). Dadi was of a small age and without any proper knowledge of ancient Bharat or of Vedas, yet listening to Baba’s Murli, Dadi use to experience a deep connection with God, love and happiness.

In those days only (1940s), dadi started having visions of New world during Yog (meditation). Not even Brahma baba or Mamma would have any visions, but a few small children including Dadi Gulzar started receiving visions of new age and coming back in conscious, they use to tell everyone what they saw. This was a common thing in those days (in Karachi – 1939 to 1950)


After 1950, the group relocated in Mount Abu upon Baba’s direction. Dadi Gulzar was then mature enough both physically and spiritually and hence Baba sent Dadi to services around Bharat (India) and through Dadi, many centres were established. In those days in 1950s, service was growing rapidly and hence everyone was given their duties to perform. Mamma was managing the service and Brahma baba was managing other activities in Madhuban. Hereby, part of Dadi Gulzar was on spiritual service and the part for having visions (of Sandeshi) was over.

In 1960s, services in India was widespread and scientific resources came up to help in service. Through telephone, Baba use to speak to children and give important direction. Writing letters continues. Dadi Gulzar was mainly serving in Bombay and Delhi regions. ”Everyone loved Dadi for her sweetness and unconditional love.” Even Baba said in Murli about Gulzaar being most serviceable in Bombay region.

Golbal Services

Dadiji has visited on invitation, many foreign countries in East and West including Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, U.S.A. Brazil, Mexico, Canada, U.K., Germany, France, Holland, Poland, Russia, Africa etc. She has delivered lectures, with mastery over subjects connected with Spirituality, Philosophy, Rajyoga, Art of Living, etc. She has clarity in thought, richness of experience and thus a simplicity in speech, due to which many got the message of God through dadi.

As you know, since Brahma baba became Avyakt on 18 January 1969, Dadi Gulzaar became an intrument for Avyakt BaapDada to come, meet us and speak Murli. Since 1969 to 2006, Dadi continued to visit centres and give lectures on self transformation in this precious time of confluence. Dadi would God’s message in simple words in conferences of important persons. Her innocence, silence and love was a main attraction. Since 2007, Dadi stayed either mainly in Madhuban or at Delhi centre and played a part in services from there. BaapDada continued to use Dadi as the medium. This part also is now over (1969 to 2016)


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”The speciality of Gulzaar is innocence and clear intellect, who always carry fragrance wherever she goes, keeping Baba in heart”

~Avyakt BaapDada

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