Husband Wife and Anger

A sister facing relationship problems with husband after 25+ years of marriage. Asks for guidance on how to give good vibrations to life partner so that they can heal the anger. This is our advice. Original Email Received Om Shanti, I have been having strained relations with my spouse for over last two months (... Continue Reading →

Parenting and Healing a Teen age child

A small guide for parents or family member of someone who is at a young age suffering from a mental disease or in common terms - Change of Behavior (abnormal behavior). Here is our guidance. MUST read till end. Original Email Received Dear Sister Shivani, Apologies for the long email but I wanted to explain... Continue Reading →

Husband took a Wrong Path

A wife discovered husband was taking a wrong path in life (to fulfill sexual desires-affair). This vice of lust is your greatest enemy - God himself declares. Here is our response given and guidance on how to deal and decide what should be done. Original Email Received Dear Sister Shivani, I am married since 3... Continue Reading →

Hurt or Break in Relationship

Breakup in love relationship lead to hurt. Here is our help and guidance to spiritual understand and to overcome from the pain created. Also the direction to connect with God (our spiritual father) to enjoy the true and unconditional love and acceptance. Original Email Received om shanti i have a request that i want my... Continue Reading →

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