शिव बाबा से योग कैसे लगाए?

ह्मण आत्माए जो नयी नयी ज्ञान में आयी है व जो पुरानी होते हुए भी योग के रहस्य को विस्तार से जानना चाहते है, उनके लिए यह लेख - शिव बाबा से बुद्धि का योग कैसे लगाए? अर्थात परमपिता परमात्मा शिव बाप को याद कैसे करे? तो किसीने email द्वारा यह प्रश्न हमे भेजा था जिसका प्रतिउत्तर... Continue Reading →

Should I Marry him?

Such emails come to us regularly when the person seeks advice before or after the marriage. Here, this sister did not want to marry to anyone in the path, but wish to have a long-lasting and understanding relationship. We guided this Kumari towards Brahmcharya (celibacy) as a way of living taught by our Supreme father... Continue Reading →

Why Vegetarian? – Issue at Home

Mother came in Gyan and adapted to being vegetarian. Son, being non-veg didn't like this sudden transformation and asks us why is it necessary to quit non-veg food so that to go ahead in Spirituality. Here is our rightful answer (email response) Original Email Received Dear Sir/ Madam, My concern is not that they left... Continue Reading →

Husband cheating (affair)

Husband got found cheating and having an extramarital relationship with a colleague. Wife requests us to provide spiritual help to this so as to bring out her husband from this, to heal and to get him on the right path with the help of spirituality. Here is our detailed guidance (We advise you to read... Continue Reading →

Last So Fast, Gyan & more

Q: Last so fast kaise jaye? Koun From: On behalf of Godfather (Shiv baba) Divine Soul Last so fast jaane liye - accurate Shrimat par chalo. Bahut Atmae ab aati hai unka part abhi ke samay me ''vishesh'' hai. Chahe vo mansa ho, Karmana ho ya ho vacha (awaaz dwara). To aise shresth bane hue... Continue Reading →

How to forgive & heal relationship

Learn here How to forgive or seek forgiveness in a family relationship and thus make it stable and fruitful. Original Email Received Dear Sister Shivani, I am from Pune. I see your videos everyday and have started implementing in my life. My question is do forgiveness exercise for my dad but I am not seeing... Continue Reading →

Are others wrong /bad?

If you see someone doing a wrong action and yet seem to enjoy life and you feel low about this. Here is a question by a Sister who saw a friend taking a wrong path in life (to earn money and comforts) and asks us the reason WHY and HOW does such people experience happiness?... Continue Reading →

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