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Prajapita Brahma Baba (Adi Dev / Pitashree – World Father)

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World remember him as Aadi Dev (first deity) or Adam, as written in many texts. In Vedas, Brahma is described as the creator of world, Vishnu as the maintainer. We now understand that through Brahma, incorporeal God (Shiv) creates the new world. So how simple and serving the life of Brahma baba was, come and know from the beginning, as it is told by elder Dadis, came in Murli and revealed from the letters.

Loukik name was Lekhraj, a sweet baby boy was born in 1876 in Sindh, Hyderabad (in present Pakistan) to father Khubchand Kriplani, a Head-master in village’s school. Mother passed in his early childhood, leaving his father his everything. Below is the Full video story from early story to what happens around 1936 and creation of ‘Om mandli’.

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As written on history page, since 1935-36, Dada Lekhraj, a diamond merchant started receiving visions from God. In those days, it was not clear who is doing this. On divine inspirations, Dada Lekhraj started a school and taught spiritual versions and Geeta to children who came there. It started with explanation of true God of Geeta being the incorporeal God Shiv, and not Shri Krishna (a deity of Satyug). The name ‘Brahma’ was not yet given, nor the name ‘Shiv’ was known as the God to anyone in the Yagya. Dada Lekhraj gives all his wealth to a trust made of a few surrendered mothers and unmarried girls. Now Yagya was maintained by mothers. Here is the beginning of divine journey. Those who surrendered, now came and settled in Karachi (Pakistan) and spend 14 years in Tapasya (self transformation)

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Since 1952, services grown and also started to visit centres around India. BaapDada’s letters were guide for angels living at centres around India.

Personality and Virtues (‘baba’ refers to Brahma baba)

Brahma baba, as named in 1949, was a special soul who played the most special part as a human. He becomes the medium for God to speak Murli and to create the new world. Such special soul had an un-matching quality of Tyaag (renunciation). Whether it is material wealth, fame, or comforts, Brahma baba renounced everything for the Yagya on Shiv baba’s directions. ”His personality was very royal”, often remembered by many Dadis (elders) who lived with him. Whenever someone visits baba, he will give something to them, would ask them about their likes and dislikes. In short, baba established a close relationship with them through words and acts. Baba’s royalty was shining on the face. He had intoxication of the future birth as Krishna in new world. This was incognito and thus baba remains free from ego. Living the simplest life possible, brahma baba shown the path of God to many and his virtues are remembered in hearts of those who witnessed.

Being the world father, brahma baba was full of mercy. Even in some Sakar Murli, you will find few lines spoken that today, our brothers are in much sorrow and pain. We cannot see them in sorrow being their ancestors. Baba didn’t have sleep for some nights when he use to get letters from children who are in pain (source: Murli). Baba would give Sakaash to them to make them powerful. Brahma baba faced all problems in yagya having undivided faith in God (Shiv baba) and following his directions in all means.

When Mamma became Avyakt in 1965, responsibilities on baba were increased. On other hand, new centres started growing. Letters of children use to come for baba in madhuban, so whenever gets time, BapDada will respond them. There was never any time to waste.!

In the last days, baba started becoming detached from his responsibilities. Distributing tasks to elder Dadis, baba stayed in Madhuban for last one year for Tapasya. In January 1969, baba reached his complete stage, angelic stage (Karmateet) and left the corporeal world. Now it is to be understood by the children that brahma was made to do this, by Shiv baba so that the services grows around the world. BaapDada continued to speak Murli (through chariot Dadi Gulzar) to support and empower children from subtle world. New centres started opening outside India. This incognito part of Avyakt BapDada continued since 1969, but now has ended (2016). Now it is time to give the exam. Everything is being taught. The teacher keeps silence.

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