Study, exam and Success

Guidance on how to focus on study, how to keep a balance in hard work and enjoyment during exam times and more. Here is our complete guidance for students. Original Email Received Sister Shivani, I have recently finished my intermediate studies and am preparing for engineering exams. I have been working tremendously hard. My mother... Continue Reading →

Not want to Marry, but Parents…

Not wanting to get married, a sister writes to us for guidance on how to convince their parents so that they don't force her to marry. What reason to present them? Sister presents many reasons and a strong will of staying single (Brahmacharya). As this is also God (Shiv Baba's) shrimat given, we are delighted... Continue Reading →

Soul comes in Dreams

When a family member's soul who left its body comes in your dreams for a purpose - there is confusion whether it is real or not. Such rare drama happened and here we responded.  Original Email Received OM SHANTI!!! I am writing this email to find out if you have any thought and solution for... Continue Reading →

Separation After Marriage

Separation after marriage and two grown up children is getting difficult for a mother. She writes email to us asking for guidance on How to resolve misunderstandings with husband. Here is our response. Original Email Received Om Shanthi! My husband being MBA left a good job and started abusing me verbally. Gradually, it turned to... Continue Reading →

Husband Wife and Anger

A sister facing relationship problems with husband after 25+ years of marriage. Asks for guidance on how to give good vibrations to life partner so that they can heal the anger. This is our advice. Original Email Received Om Shanti, I have been having strained relations with my spouse for over last two months (... Continue Reading →

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