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Brahma Kumar (BK) Suraj bhai is a very popular name among school and college going children and some elders. Brother Suraj appeared on television series ‘Samadhan’. As the name itself suggests, Samadhan series for based on solutions given to problems faced in life. Episodes on every aspect of life was covered, for a school going child, to 60 year old family head. Suraj bhai was born in Uttar Pradesh (UP) state of India in the year 1950.

He was a bright student and had deep interest in spirituality and use to read Swami Vivekanand books to find his answers. He was only 14, when he first came in contact of Prajapita Brahma Kumaris (yagya) in 1964 through a magazine (Gyaan Amrit) published on the nectar of God’s murli which answered all the questions that were in his mind. This awakened him as a child and he became curious to know more. Later after his college studies, he surrendered in the Yagya in late 1968 with his loukik father.

BK Suraj bhai life story Biography

Since the very early stage of surrendered life, since 1970, suraj bhai is serving in Baba’s kitchen. In early days there were no scientific instruments to make food as now are. So him and other brothers would work for long to prepare food. Nowadays it is just within 2 hours the food for 20000 is prepared using solar cookers and other instruments.

”There were lesser services to do in those days so more time to churn the knowledge (murli) and time for Tapasya.” said Suraj bhai.

From 1980s, suraj bhai is contributing well in Gyan Amrit and Purity magazines. He has traveled around the world and attended many centre openings, lectures and discussions on spirituality. With an intention to minimize wasteful and negative thoughts in people, suraj bhai has given many lectures on Swamaan practice. He has written many articles in magazines on how to imbibe and adopt this Godly knowledge into practice family life. He has helped many university students to achieve good grades and success in life through swaman practice and a positive state of mind, giving lectures in colleges and TV program Samadhan.


Many recognized him further after the Samadhan series. As Samadhan episodes reached about 500, suraj bhai started another series naed Aaj Ka Purusharth and Jeevan Mulya later which also further the guidance for new children of Baba and to the general listeners. This 5 minute audios acted as a spiritual upliftment for many. This all services spread successful.

Then in 2017-18, new service through YouTube channelwas started where Suraj bhai discuss the points from today’s Gyan Murli. Series named ‘Murli Chintan’. Currently, these all classes, TV series and Purusharth audios are accessible via YouTube and bkdrluhar.com to all.

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