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Brahma Kumari (BK) Sister Shivani – a name almost all homes of India are aware of. Sister appeared on television series ‘Awakening with Brahma Kumaris’ in 2007. She spoke on many episodes about living values, self-management, inner powers, harmony in relationship, law of karma, healing, self-empowerment, discipline, about BK organisation, Spirituality and art of living. Many people around the world are benefited from Awakening episodes.

Shivani Verma was born in Pune in 1972. At the age of around 23, she joined Brahma Kumaris (in 1995) while her mother was in Gyaan since before her. Seeing the positive difference in behavior of her mother, Shivani decided to listen Murli at a centre nearby going once or twice a week. Gradually she realised that God directly is teaching here. She used the knowledge of Science to understand how God, being incorporeal play his role in world. She also joined the mission to bring the new world. Sister Shivani is a senior Rajyoga teacher living in family life in Pune. She travels around India and outside for spiritual ceremony, lectures on stress-free living and such events organised for school, colleges, companies and hospitals.

BK Sister Shivani - Brahma Kumari

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Shivani Verma was a university student till 1994 and then she served as a lecturer at Bhartiya Vidhyapeeth college for 3 years in Pune. During this period, her mother was a regular student at Brahma Kumaris. Sister Shivani witnessed a remarkable change in her mother’s nature, she became very calm, sweet and emotionally strong. This all inspired Shivani to visit the cneaby centre once. Shivani, when reached was told about God’s incarnation and Self-awareness as a Soul (a spiritual being). She felt truth in Self as the Soul, but doubted if God really has come. The elder Sister at the centre asked her a question: ‘When should God come? Of course when the world is at its lowest stage, God has to come to uplift the whole humanity and re-establish the true dharma (religion). Sister Shivani took 7 days RajYog course after this question was asked.


‘’And the explanation that God is not a corporeal entity and is incorporeal supreme energy was convincing to me being a student of Science’’ – says Sister Shivani (Awakening)

She experienced the presence of God during meditation and hence decided to go on with this and further understand the knowledge. This way Sister Shivani came in Brahma Kumaris Godly Spiritual University. Shivani behen (sister) also applied the science to understand the existence and task of God. As realising the self as a Soul, she deeply understood its relationship with the supreme soul who is the God. This way she progressed in this path day by day. Do watch the interviews for acknowledgement.

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As you may know, Sister Shivani appeared on television on Aastha channel in around 2007 and since then this series became popular in India and around the world. Thousands of people are benefited with this Godly wisdom shared by Sister Shivani in a simple way. This further brought many towards the right path and brought peace in lives and in relationships.

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Presently Shivani behn is appearing in conferences and special events to speak about relationship management, law of karma and spiritual wisdom for happy life. She often visits seminars arranges by colleges, hospitals and companies.

Then in 2017-18, new YouTube channel was started where Sister’s episodes of Awakening TV series were telecasted on general topics. The compassionate, wise and calm nature of Sister Shivani pleased the audience to find out the source of her wisdom.

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