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Online Registration form for Brahma Kumari/Kumar. Register your details and follow these guidelines to become a direct Godly student. This is the most wonderful form to fill. Coming closer to the highest purpose of human life by adopting divine virtues of purity, peace, love and bliss. Welcome.

After you have followed 3 given steps on this page, then you come here and submit this form to us. Give your details (Name, email address, how you came in Gyan, since how long, how good you follow the Shrimat and your address. Do SHARE this page to as many BKs that you know. Good morning of the heavenly new world.

Surrender Letter

NOTE: Please only submit your name once. If you are weak in purity /celibacy, then you shall get guidance via email. Your name cannot be submitted in the Godly record. Purusharth is needed.

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