Advance Party

Advance Party (their birth, life and role)


Souls who left their body when attained perfection, who took their next birth here again. They will together be known as the Advance Party. They will play a significant role in world renewal and bringing up the Golden age in Bharat. The knowledge of Shiv baba’s Gyan Murli stays the same. But will now be explained with higher and a deeper meaning, and that will awaken the souls in one second. New knowledge will be given for the new world. As the transcendental knowledge is received, all the souls who listens, will be connected with the Supreme soul.

What is Advance Party exactly ?

As explained in both the audios on this page, ‘advance’ the word itself explains that the group of special souls who became complete in advance and left their corporeal body, will take their next birth here again to help bring the new world and accelerate the process of transformation through their power of divinity.

These souls will contribute a significant role in transformation but in incognito way. Bharat will be transformed. Advance party souls will then give birth to deities. This birth will be pure, it will be through Dhristi (vision of soul – seeing with love each other as Souls) just like peacock and peahen sees each other and through this Dhristi, the female peacock (peahen) gives birth to the child. Read: Birth of Shri Krishna

Thus there will be a play of Dhristi between souls, which will give birth to deities and the new age will begin where both Soul and its body will be pure.

Full Class bk Suraj

By now, 2018, not much is known about the Advance part souls apart from the below given points from Avyakt Murlis:

1. Birth: The souls are pure and thus the body they acquire needs to get purified before they enters the womb of their mother. (Meaning: Sakash (spiritual vibrations) will be given to the womb of the mother so that the body is made pure.

2. Family: They will take birth to ordinary parents. The parents may not be a great ones, a brahmin or a king and queen. Family will be ordinary, as this advance part is incognito (gupt).

3. Qualities: Souls who left Brahman family and are now in advance group, will surely have the power of knowledge and Yog that they earned in their previous brahman life of Sangam yug (confluence age). Hence they will have divine virtues in their behavior. The family in which they are born, will also experience their divinity.

4. Task: The main task of the Advance party, is to set the platform for the new world by all the means. They will have a deep down intellectual connection among them and hence they would send and receive vibrations of each other. Their spiritual stage itself will purify the atmosphere.

5. Role of Advance Party is in both: Subtle region and in Sakar (corporeal world). The power of their Yog will work as a service in subtle world and their practical Karma and activities will create a glance of coming new world. They are very divine souls.

6. Revelation: The final revelation of who are the main actors in Advance party, will be done at the very end as the Supreme Father himself will be revealed. As the father is revealed, so will be his children.

3 Groups of the Advance Party

There are three groups within the Advance Party, namely,

1. Inspiration Party – the Brahman souls who have left their bodies and have not taken rebirth and who keep doing Godly service by entering into the bodies of BK (brahman) souls. There are very few souls in this category, including Brahma.

2. Practical Party – the BKs, who are practically doing physical Godly service of giving message about the primary knowledge to the souls of the world. They are good at dharna and seva.

3. Planning Party – the advance party souls, who, because of the direct sustenance and knowledge that they are receiving from Shiv Baba are more adept at thinking, churning and planning how to bring about the new world. Since they are mostly householders without any financial support like the BKs, and because of being somewhat weak in dharna (due to the vicious atmosphere in which they live) they are unable to do practical service like the BKs, but are sharp at Gyan (knowledge) and Yaad (remembrance).

All of them will contribute in bringing the new world.


Birth of Shri Krishna

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