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Mother came in Gyan and adapted to being vegetarian. Son, being non-veg didn’t like this sudden transformation and asks us why is it necessary to quit non-veg food so that to go ahead in Spirituality. Here is our rightful answer (email response)

Original Email Received

Dear Sir/ Madam,

My concern is not that they left eating non-vegetarian and become vegetarian. It’s their wishes. But since she had joined this group she is showing that she is superior in all due to this issue is creating more. 

Whereas when she didn’t join her behaviour was a normal human being. We were a happy family. Even my father didn’t want to leave non-vegetarian where he was forced to leave by my mom. Whenever he comes to my place he always had non-vegetarian. Even he used to say not to tell my mom or else she will start creating issue at home.


Our Email Response

To: Everyone reading this

From: us

Wonder that you think that being vegetarian is bad. They are your parents. If they have decided to follow a spiritual lifestyle, then you should respect that. You also know that Vegetarian is a spiritual way of living. You also can try and see what it brings to your life… simple.

About Joining Us

It is in their destiny to join the Yagya (Prajapita Brahmakumari Ishwariya Yagya) and they have been benefitted by this. That why they have joined. No one can and will force them. Ask them yourself. Leaving non-veg is for a noble purpose. Please understand with help of this video -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4ZGP3NksiQ

Vegetarian for Peaceful natural life -> 

(Do watch both videos)

If they have done our 7 days course, then they should learn about the self as a ”peaceful pure soul”. Such souls cannot disturb anyone. Let your parents take benefit of the RajaYog taught free at all BK centres. 

We believe you need to know About Us accurately. Please visit our official page -> https://www.brahma-kumaris.com/about-us


Yoga Day message – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYrAkOx_55Q

4 good habits of life – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDIrnR9y-j8

Guided meditation – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMkaG39_8Wc

If you are feeling that your mother shows superiority, it is actually because they are following God’s advice and she is over concerned about this. Certainly, as we also teach and preach, a soul must should respect every other soul. We all are brothers – children of one Supreme soul (God). But since your mother has just now started the Godly study (murli), she may take some time to learn all this. MOST improtant thing is that atleast they have started a journey.

Try to understand their point of view. She is trying to keep away from some things which are against the GOD’s directions (Shrimat of Murli).

To know this, please visit our official page – What is Gyan Murli? 

and also 108 Shrimat of Shiv baba (Hindi)

This itself that a Soul is trying to follow the directions of God (the supreme father) is worthy of appreciation. The first lesson is ”purity” which you also should apply in your life. You also know that Purity is very good. We respect ‘sanyasi’ and ‘brahmachari’ because they are pure. God also says – ”Purity is the mother of all virtues”. Meaining – if you bring purity in life, every other virtues will also come… We will become a perfect human beings. Please visit: Celibacy – A way of Living (article)

Your mother also is ‘learning’ and as a student. She (that soul) will also make some mistakes. If you wish you also follow GOD’s advice (shrimat) and make your life great. But atleast you must respect that even after being non-veg for many years, they have courage to quit this in 1 second in the love of God. She is doing her best to follow God’s directions. If she make any mistake, PLEASE forgive her and respect.

We welcome you also – ”Dear soul – realise yourself as a point of light and might – a divine incorporeal Soul who is present in the centre of the forehead. YOU ARE THE SOUL. God is the Supreme Soul (father / Baba)”

This is the Godly knowledge and the Godly invitation (Hindi) – https://www.brahma-kumaris.com/single-post/Godly-Invitation-Letter-Hindi

* Conclusion *

We have told you the truth. You should respect your mother as she is progressing towards a pure living. Even if you don’t want to understand, it is your choice. Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University never teach anyone to misbehave. We teach peace living, good relationships. It is upto your mother how she can adopts or not. But the knowledge given from here is source of Self transformation. Millions of people are benefitted – they all live in 140+ countries.

We hope you will receive benefit from this email letter.

Good day

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