Husband cheating (affair)

Husband got found cheating and having an extramarital relationship with a colleague. Wife requests us to provide spiritual help to this so as to bring out her husband from this, to heal and to get him on the right path with the help of spirituality. Here is our detailed guidance

(We advise you to read this guidance if you have a similar problem in family. This is suppose to help you in many other ways also.)

Our Email Response + Guidance

To: Everyone reading this

From: Prajapita BrahmaKumari Ishwariya VishwaVidhyalay (Godly University)

Dear Divine Sister

Good morning

You very well explained your story and what help you expect from us. Since you emailed here, we take that you would be connected via a regional BK RajYog centre OR via ‘Awakening‘ TV series of Sister Shivani OR via our Peace of Mind TV

We do get such emails which reflects the happenings in the world. Do you know that GOD has already concluded in one line – ”Lust or body consciousness is the root cause of all evil, and thus of all your sorrow”. This I remember and realised better when read your email.

The question is more accurate that since you both are married and have children. Marriage usually promotes and makes sex look natural (which is not). Our original nature (of Soul) is ”purity”. This purity sponsors ‘peace’, which brings ‘happiness’. Thus this virtue of celibacy or purity is the mother of all other virtues. This is the origin of a good meaningful life. 

On the other side, even if lust is limited between husband and wife, it is still a cause of downfall (spiritual). Yes, the body feels pleasure, but the soul cries. The soul says – the other is also a Soul – we are Brothers. We both are originally pure. Some religious people feel guilty after sex. Because initially when they did Bhakti (worshipping), they felt very near to God, very divine. But after they did this, they felt caught up in bodily feelings and no longer could connect to the holiest (God).

‘Purity is worshipped”. See why the Devi-Devta are worshipped in Bharat (India) – because they are pure. God explains – ”When you are pure, there is an aura of divine light around”

— Your Question —

Your email reflects that the husband is or was really honest. But this vice of lust destroyed his virtues and brought his image down. See this is why God himself has to say – ‘Become Soul consciousness. See every other as your Soul brother’. One mistake led him to a downfall, while he has so many virtues.

You should not leave him for this reason. But definitely ACT and show him that you made this mistake. Now see how honest and pure you were before. Did you feel good about yourself?

 Ask this. You have to be very gentle and calm in your tone. This can happen to anyone today. The world is such. Internet allows all dirty things on 1 click. It is not his great mistake. But always restrict him to remain alone and put his interest in spirituality and other positive aspects of life. This is YOUR DUTY as a good wife. Isn’t it?


Easy. Now you know his perspective. Also now that at the end, he himself realised that it was wrong. This means -this was not intentional. Now watch given videos –

Hurt in relationships –

How to stop doubting – ( watch all 3 videos )

* Conclusion *

Lust is our enemy. Greatest enemy. Your life is so good. You have no clear struggle, have a good relationship, have children, money, so why pollute the life with this sex lust?! You may find it unusual, but it is true that 80% of healthy relationships are broken because of this only. Life was peaceful & after this bodily attraction, it became unrewarding. Since you have now realised this, we welcome you to a NEW WAY OF LIVING – please read our article on Celibacy – A way of Living

Purity should also be in thoughts and words. When you will follow ‘celibacy’ for 1 month, you will observe a clear betterment in within and outside. Remain in family life, but become Soul conscious. First you have to understand the Godly knowledge. So we welcom you to take our online 7 days course.

We then welcome you to know ABOUT US (introduction) – God’s creation of new world & the aim of BKWSU. Please MUST learn on page ABOUT US.

If have any other question, email us. Do visit all given links. Let us know your progress after 15 days.

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