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Q: Last so fast kaise jaye? Koun

From: On behalf of Godfather (Shiv baba)

Divine Soul

Last so fast jaane liye – accurate Shrimat par chalo. Bahut Atmae ab aati hai unka part abhi ke samay me ”vishesh” hai. Chahe vo mansa ho, Karmana ho ya ho vacha (awaaz dwara). To aise shresth bane hue ko phir sewa’ ki field milegi. Aap aisi hi ek vishesh last so fast wali atma ho na..?

”So how knowledge leads to purity and purity leads to peace and peace leads to happiness and bliss.”

Jaise murli me kaha hai – ”Ab tumhe dahi (makhan/butter) mil raha hai – arthat bana banaya hua bhojan sirf khana hai.”

Is benefit ke saath maya bhi abhi kam nahi. Full force me hai na. England is next to Bharat. Ek chote se England ne kitna bada rajya kiya.. Bharat ke baad England me hi bada ‘center’ hai. Yeh kyuki England se bahut sewa honi hai. Abhi plot (base/adhar ban raha hai, phir iske par building banegi.

Aapko jo RESOURCES section send kiya hai, vo ek bahut badi chiz hai. Audio services hai. Selected classes, Sakar aur Avyakt murliya, aur bahut kuch. Daily use kare.

Koi bhi WhatsApp group join karne liye, visit kare ->

Another gift -> Revelations from Murli (advance): ________________

Email 2

——————– ”I have a question to ask- I saw briefly baapdada milan dates for 2019-20 season and for Rajasthan zone it is perhaps 15 December. I just wondered, to whom to contact to go to madhuban and serve there for Rajasthan zone. Actually I am from Jaipur and I did course from Jaipur Vaishali Nagar Center (Sushma didi and Chandrakala didi are main centre incharge and Divya did taught me 7 days course). I did my course in 2018 January. Since then I have been listening murli and doing morning and evening meditation  and following guidance given in shreetmat. Should I be contacting my centre first or ??? I go to Jaipur once in a year during Christmas break so wondered if I could take advantage and do some service at madhuban during Rajasthan zone service turn.”

Our Email Response 2

Q: How to join in turn for Avyakt milan (Baba milan) in madhuban?

To join this zone, you have to be a regular student from a regional centre or as you said – would have taken the 7 days course from there.

You will need a permission letter from the sister in charge at that centre. They know and will guide you ahead also. To know more about this, visit (Guidelines)

One can stay for 5 days during this milan. Sewa of your choice you can do… It is shrimat for this time not to be attracted to any comforts. Shrimat is to live in loukik and stay in Yogyukt stage, do both loukik and aloukik service. Keep a balance. Balance will bring ”blessings” of baba.

So even if you go to madhuban, do keep in mind that boost in Purusharth is the reason of this visit. Madhuban is a place of blessings for those souls who are really surrendered. To forget everything and remember the truth – Shiv baba and our New world (Satyug)

Revelations on New world

You should have an aim for anything you do. Now that baba is calling you to madhuban, remember that you have nothing to do with outward pleasures of eyes or beautiful gardens and comforts – you are going to visit Baba’s home for blessings and a boost in Purusharth. This is a sign of great soul – that always keep focus on the aim. (like Arjun)

* These articles will help much in Purusharth ->

Also, have you got the mobile apps:

Our Email Response 3

How is dadi Gulzar ji’s health now?


It would be good. Now Baba’s Avyakt part has also ended. So there is better time coming…

how can people who are not in gyaan abroad watch ‘God of gods’ Brhamakumari movie?


I am not aware of this. However if you contact your nearby BK RajYog centre, they can arrange a CD of this movie which you can watch at home.

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You may also listen original clips from Avyakt Murlis here ->


Original Sakar Murli –

Also, to understand the Gyan accurately, do listen a personal audio series – ”Soul Talk” ->

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