How to forgive & heal relationship

Learn here How to forgive or seek forgiveness in a family relationship and thus make it stable and fruitful.

Original Email Received

Dear Sister Shivani, I am from Pune. I see your videos everyday and have started implementing in my life. My question is do forgiveness exercise for my dad but I am not seeing any change or improvement in our relationship. He doesn’t speak to me since 6 years as I have broken the marriage. I keep applying your tips on food and give him positive vibrations early morning. Can you please guide me where I am going wrong and what else I can do to make this relationship work? I am low at confidence n alone in life. I try my best to charge myself but I am failing at every movement.

Thank you

Om shanti  

Our Email Response+ Guidance

To: Everyone reading this

From: BK Shivani, Prajapita BrahmaKumari Ishwariya VishwaVidhyalay (Godly University)

Dear Divine Brother

You are following the guidance given in ‘awakening’ program episodes. This is explained in essence – ”’Relationship is made not at a bodily level, but inside – in mind and spiritual level.” Thus what we think of someone will definitely impact the ”inner” relationship.

It is also sure that you must have experienced deep satisfaction after you forgave him and sent love energy. But how the other person responses back depends also on your both’s past life karmic accounts. If the account is very deep, then it is more difficult to resolve. But pure positive energy is 4 times stronger than the other. Hence you will see the difference slowly and steadily.

FURTHER -> Have patience and keep the same procedure going. Now realise that this (POSITIVE THINKING) not only helps to correct the relationships, but also to develop your character. ”Keep giving without expecting a return” – as giving is the reason to form a relationship.

God the being of light (Supreme soul) teaches us the most powerful way to become free from all evil. This is called ”Raja Yog or meditation”. Come and know here ->

A relationship is Soul to Soul. This ‘consciousness’ is needed. Learn about – Who am I?

* SOLUTION * Next here are guided commentaries on 2 of our main practices.

1. Swamaan ->

2. RajYog ->

Need anything else? Use our ‘search engine‘ – BK

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