Are others wrong /bad?

If you see someone doing a wrong action and yet seem to enjoy life and you feel low about this. Here is a question by a Sister who saw a friend taking a wrong path in life (to earn money and comforts) and asks us the reason WHY and HOW does such people experience happiness? How should you think of such events and happenings?

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In the first moment, you should break all connections with such people. Even not think in mind – why they do this, etc. Because this is a ”temptation” of Maya. Today’s world has all kind of souls – very great souls and also very low-level souls. So it is a challenge for good souls to tolerate the behaviours of others. In this, you must remain stable. There is nothing to look for here. You can clearly see that someone is willingly exploiting the self. It starts with a small temptation – to obtain something. In order to get that, a wise soul only sees the right path.

You should have no thoughts for any human soul. Why do you wish to understand other’s life journey.? God DOES NOT decide anyone’s life. If someone has willingly fallen in vices, then what can be done? Souls decide their own fortune. But as you also know – this way to NOT towards happiness, true joy originates from ”purity”. This is the first lesson in this Godly University – ‘become Pure’

It is their parent’s duty to teach ”moral values” to children. How can God decide god for one, and bad for the other! Does this make sense to you?

GOD himself has said in one sentence – ”Lust is your greatest enemy”. In this one line many aspects of life are included. Anything which separates you from your original nature (Purity, Peace, love and happiness) – is called Maya (evil). Please read our article on


Now you need to divert your mind from this thinkings. Let nature be a ”mediator” between you the SOul and God (the Supreme Soul). First, watch nature scenes to get ”refreshed‘ -> (save this video)

After you get refreshed, come and know about your long lost Supreme father, the Supreme Soul ->

Video: Introduction of GOD ->

Specially we advise you to print this 6 page PDF book on ”Happiness Unlimited” based on famous episodes of Awakening with BrahmaKumaris. Here is the eBook to print ->

Print and read it daily. It has points of Dharna of divine virtues and values in life.

Do let us know about your progress. STEP by STEP – every step towards the divine light.

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