How to Heal Blindness?

Being blind or half blind, disallow us to see the great work of God – this beautiful world. Here, a brother asks us for advise on how to heal his blindness with help of Rajyoga meditation and Swaman Abhyas.

Original Email Received

Due to optic neuritis.I got 90% loss of vision in both the eyes. Cannot see anything clearly – just can feel that there is something in front of eyes. I am typing this email through another person and sometimes I use ”voice input”. I am attaching relevant medical reports along with my letter (we received 4 PDF of reports).

Our Email Response+ Guidance

To: Anyone who need (General)

From: Prajapita BrahmaKumari Ishwariya VishwaVidhyalay (Godly University)


Divine Brother/Sister ( Please take help of someone to read this email )

You can do Swamaan Abhyas and then giving healing energy to your brain and eyes…

1. Swamaan abhyas ke liye yeh commentaries hai jo aap roj subah jaldi uthkar va din bhar me kabhi bhi sune aur yeh abhyas kare… is abhyas ke baad – apne haath ko dekho aur haath ko dekhte hue Mann me vichar karo – ”Mein master SarvaShaktivaan hu” aur phir haath ko apni ankhon par rakhe aur us powerful energy ko eyes me jaate hue mehsoos kare.

Swamaan commentaries >

2. Yog abhyas dwara Atma aur Sharir ko healing RajYog ka gahan abhyas jaruri hai – yeh commentaries special hai, ise roj sune aur Yog sikhe ->

* Optional *

Start to listen daily Gyan murli of Shiv baba – You can listen via internet ( OR via our mobile apps (link below) OR visit a nearby BK RajYog centre in morning and evening classes.

* Useful links *

(article) Healing body with RajaYog –

Watch this vdo

Class on Swamaan by BK Suraj (Hindi):

Mobile apps –


On Godly Service


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