Should we have mercy on Poor?

Can we derive that people who are poor, diseased, orphans are because of their karma? They have to resolve it in the present life. So should we not feel mercy on them??

Our Response/ Answer

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The functioning of Karma and karmic accounts is very complex. So you cannot say that everyone who is poor are those who did bad karma. No.

Instead, you can say that those who are poor or less fortunate have made their life with karma and decisions + also know that many other things interfere. As this is kaliyug (old world) there can happen anything with a proper reason. For example, if government takes away shelter or increases tax on poor people, it is not poor person’s karma but they will suffer – it is not in their hands. There are many such examples when our life is shaped also because someone else interferes.


All human souls, animals and the entire nature needs mercy. Everything is patit (tamopradhan). Every soul needs our mercy in one or other way. Some – because they are poor – but there are many who are rich (money wise) but have no good relationship or they remain in depression and stress. They all need mercy. GOD IS MERCIFUL. We the direct children of Godfather – Shiv baba when we remember baba and connect to him, we are filled with his powers.

We then automatically donate these powers to the world souls. Everyone who in need will receive this. This is called ‘mercy’.

Mercy also means to ”understand” the situation of people today. They are our brothers. They need us. They are calling God in different ways. It is our duty to serve them with peace, purity and love.

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