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Desire to get material success (to become rich) is getting common. More common than the desire to become happy and good health. Here is our response to an email – someone asking advice on How to keep a balance in both material and spiritual success? – A important question for today’s world.

Essence: There is a margin in which a wise person should oath for material success. Beyond a limit, if crossed, one actually gets into a race for gathering more and more and in actuality, he is losing his inner peace.

Original Email Received

Om shanti

I am a 29 year old fashion designer.  I have a deep desire to become a rich and successful person materially. And a person with divine and deity values spiritually..  And want to always give to the world..  I want to give money,  help,  give knowledge about spirituality and also about making money so that i can make my life and others life into a satyug in this birth itself.   I also want to wear good clothes, travel, have a big house,  cars etc and help millions of people motivate to live a lifestyle that is abundant spiritually and materially..  So that we all can experience satyug in this birth itself.  

My question here is if I have this kind of desire then why does baba tell us to leave our desires in murli.  And why does baba tells us not to pay much attention to fashion or any kind of material attraction. I am not attached to material attraction and the fruits.  I will be happy if i dont have money.  But i still want money and success materially and spiritually as that is my current birth objective.

Pls tell me what to do. As i want to earn more money and be serviceable and do all the other material things and also remember baba and make my soul powerful like a deity.  Cant i have both the things in this birth itself.  100 percent spiritual and 100 percent material?


Babas student.

Our Email Response

To: Everyone reading this

From: Prajapita BrahmaKumari Ishwariya VishwaVidhyalay (Godly University)

Good morning Baba says in Murli – ”This is your last birth. Taking this godly knowledge (gyan), now you become pure and remember me alone. Forget this old vicious world and engage your intellect towards the coming New world (golden age)”

It is clear that Shiv baba is telling us to FORGET this old world, so as to help bring the new world. In this sentence also comes the material success and money. It is greed only which inspire us to gain more and more while forgetting that we shall take nothing with us, except our KARMA. So the main focus should be on Karma. How do we improve our karma and karmic accounts? Through spiritual knowledge, only one can realise and maintain healthy relationships and work on doing good karma (which reflects our virtues of peace, purity and love).

So whoever will follow God’s advice (shrimat) in practical life, shall receive the inheritance of Satyug from the heavenly God-father (Shiv baba)

Now you have to decide – whether to go to materialistic success, which have no end. The more money you earn, the more hunger grows OR you want spiritual comfort – contentment with the minimum requirements like clean food, shelter and clothes…

You can definitely fulfil your desire to earn money – it is nothing wrong in this – but is it going to give you any benefit for the next birth/s?? No. Whatever materialistic you possess in this birth, will remain here only – You the Soul shall only take your Sanskars and Karma.

There is a reason why God himself guides us to remove any wordly desire (money, fame, etc). Because all this comes with litle or more amount of negativity. Whether in a form of gried, or speaking lie or compromising with values. This all creates our Karma, our Sanskaras.

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Hope this have helped you to take a decision. A royal soul takes a decision once and will stick to that forever in life. Think deeply.


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