Injustice to Good People?

Is there injustice happening to good people? How will God give justice to those who are doing good work? Why is this happening now in the world? In this conversation, you will get all answers…

Original Email Received

Good morning, Presently, I observe that the people who are involved in misdeeds and bad activities are enjoying a lot. They are also having a long life. But the people who are following the right path and fighting for the sake of justice are suffering a lot. Why? With regards.

Our Email Response/ Answer

To: Everyone reading this

From: Prajapita BrahmaKumari Ishwariya VishwaVidhyalay (Godly University)

Good morning

Your email letter is received. We are replying in urgent because we understand that such a question should NOT be polished and should be answered immediately. So please listen. Point wise.

1. When we call an action (karma) as ‘good’ or ‘bad’, we are actually comparing that karma with a reference. Now understand that this ”reference” is nothing but our own ”original” nature. Our original nature is ‘peace’, ‘purity’, ‘love’ and ‘bliss’. So any act which opposes this nature is said as ”bad”. Example if we become angry, we feel bad. And if remain calm and positive, we feel uplifted. Isn’t it.

2. The world drama is of 5000 years, in which 75% time there is Dharma (happiness). There are 4 ages, out of which we experience happiness in 3 ages. We have seen goodness for most of the time.

3. Long Life

As you said, those who for example drink alcohol, cigarette, etc. still live a healthy life, while those who do Bhakti and are classified as good, have to struggle and those who eat pure vegetarian also can leave the body (die) at a young age.

The answer is very simple. It does not matter to life longer. What matter is how we life. Life, whether it is long or short, have to be lived for a purpose. Now those who do wrong things in world still lives because it is their role in Drama. Soul does NEVER DIE. We only change one body to another. Then there is no such question of non-existence. Whatever Karma will be performed – its result will be delivered. So give attention to the karma – not the length of time. Morever – dying also means – MEETING GOD… isn’t it?

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4. Ten Year of Test

This small time (10 years) is given in which bad nature people seem to enjoy while the truly good people suffer. In actuality, this is apparent – meaning -> truth never loose and lie never win. It is only a ‘TEST’ for everyone. Those who stay in the loyalty of truth, those who shall have faith in God – will win this test. The award is also very big.

In essence, God himself said in Murli: ”Whatever happened was good. Whatever is happening is better. What is to happen in future is even better. Because this time is beneficial and God is our spiritual support.”

At last, know that it there is no such as good and bad souls. Justice is given to all – to some is given in the same birth and to some will be given in next birth (life).

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