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Guidance on how to focus on study, how to keep a balance in hard work and enjoyment during exam times and more. Here is our complete guidance for students.

Original Email Received

Sister Shivani,

I have recently finished my intermediate studies and am preparing for engineering exams. I have been working tremendously hard. My mother is a regular follower of your teachings and she meditated for me to get success but eventually I have underperformed. I also imagine myself as a point of light (Soul) but I often get distracted and my mind is simply not under my control. I make powerful affirmations Sankalp se sristi and everything yet I am always distressed and grieved. Ma’am, I am giving my best yet things are not working out. I study the entire day and yet score poor marks. I have lost faith in self and have become hugely dependent on others for help. Ma’am please guide me. Life has just become so tough. Students studying less than me have done so well and got very good colleges. I would appreciate your personal guidance and support.

Email Response + Guidance

To: Everyone reading this

From: BK Shivani,

Prajapita BrahmaKumari Ishwariya VishwaVidhyalay (Godly University) Dear Divine Brother

Here is our usefulness guidance +  articles + videos on the subject of your email.

You can only do your best when you are in your best stage – complete peace, love and joyful stage. Maybe every virtue together is difficult to achieve, so start one by one. ”I am a peaceful Soul.” then practice – ”I am a pure and stable soul” and ”I am a knowledgeful, powerful Soul” and so… 

Here below are guided commentaries -> (save the links or save this YouTube playlist)

Hindi Commentaries ->

English Commentaries ->

ALSO listen RajYog music

Tomorrow will come then we will see – why to waste the moment we have NOW. The meaning, however, is not that you should not study – but study with love for knowledge, ”love of learning” – with curiosity and joy. Enjoy what you do. And then you will be able to do what you enjoy. OK?

First enjoy the study work and then naturally enjoy its good lifetime result. You may also empower yourself by thinking about the result – How well my life would be if I achieve this by hard work.

Know that RajYog meditation is NOT for such temporary results. This ancient Yog knowledge is for a higher purpose. Please know the accurate meaning and purpose of this RajYoga ->  (this page also will offer to ”Start Now”.)

* Videos *

How to Study better?: 

Solutions to students life>

I want success -Awakening:

Tips for Success in Life ->

Do learn about Rajyoga, follow the advice given in Videos. Plus+ While learning – you should listen 

Nature’s sounds -> (save)

This will develop a better environment while studying. Videos will guide you ahead. Meditation will transform your life, bring soul’s original virtues.


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