Soul comes in Dreams

When a family member’s soul who left its body comes in your dreams for a purpose – there is confusion whether it is real or not. Such rare drama happened and here we responded. 

Original Email Received


I am writing this email to find out if you have any thought and solution for a problem my niece is having these days.

Few months back, her grandma left her body and my niece was not with her in her last days. My niece could not even attend her grandma‘s funeral. They both had very good bondage.

Now, my niece is experiencing that her soul is visiting her every now and then. When she asked – what does she want? The soul said that she wants to take along with her. My niece is puzzled and stressed about it. What should she do to get rid of this situation?

Thanks & regards,

Our Email Response

To: Anyone who is concerned

From: Prajapita BrahmaKumari Ishwariya VishwaVidhyalay (Godly Unversity)

Good morning

As much you said, it can be concluded that because the relationship between those 2 souls was deep, after losing the body also, they can interchange their thoughts. However, this is a personal experience and not that someone is really coming to the niece and telling this. No. He may be able to hear or imagine what his grandma would be thinking. This can happen in a deep loving relationship.



Such things usually doesn’t last long. As time passes, these feelings will vanish. Many feelings like – deep attachment, loneliness, overthinking, etc. can cause such experiences.

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