Not want to Marry, but Parents…

Not wanting to get married, a sister writes to us for guidance on how to convince their parents so that they don’t force her to marry. What reason to present them? Sister presents many reasons and a strong will of staying single (Brahmacharya). As this is also God (Shiv Baba’s) shrimat given, we are delighted to help. 

Original Email Received

Sister Shivani, I’m 24 years old. Being 24 years, I have a lot of dreams and aspirations for myself, and I have clearly explained the same to my dad. However, inspite of which, without informing me he has created my profile in a marriage site to get me married. I was really disturbed by this, the reasons being thus:

a) Dad never asked for my consent before this.

b) Based on my previous experiences and what I’ve seen, I don’t really want to get married because I have made a conscious decision as to not carry an emotional bondage and get attached to another being.

c) According to my parents I have not kept them happy so I don’t see how I would make another stranger happy and I have decided not to get attached to another human being ever.

d) And the main being: I want to spiritually progress in my life and thats my sole motive, with that being said I also envision to impact the lives of millions of unprivileged people. That’s my one and only goal and I am 100% certain that marriage would destroy this purpose. So how can I resolve this issue and convince them?
Om Shanti.

Our Email Response+ Guidance

From: Prajapita BrahmaKumari Ishwariya VishwaVidhyalay (Godly Unversity)

It is GREAT virtue of you that you have realised that marriage is an invitation to many hurdles towards our spiritual progress. Soul’s original nature is purity. But today’s world is vicious and marriage invites lust – which is our greatest enemy. So God says – now become my bride (wife) and follow my Shrimat (elevated advice). So what is the advice? Know – Shiv Baba’s 108 Shrimat (Hindi):

You are really wise and understanding soul. You can also feel the parent’s side – their way of thinking.

We have already provided the audio of our advice on Marriage ->

You can take points from here and creatively repeat the same to your parents. If they are religious and if you find difficult to explain – then bring this aspect that ”GOD himself has asked us souls to now remain pure. This is your last birth. World has become impure. I have come to purify the souls and the entire nature. Now follow my Shrimat and you shall receive the fortune of the coming new world…”

Shiv Baba’s first shrimat is ”Become pure”. Please read the article on Celibacy (Brahmacharya) ->

We all are Brother and Sister. We all are children of One GOD” So how can now we marry or have any ill feeling?? When our father is one, the aim of life is one (to become like Dev and Devta) then our way of living is also One. That is – Complete Purity. ”Thus my dear parents, it is advice of God our spiritual father – we all need to follow”

This way – you convince them. Remember that – No one can force you if you have 100% will not to marry OR to remain pure in walking the spiritual path and to become of one Shiv Baba (our eternal parent).

Refer: Day 2 – About GOD (Shiv baba)

As you are walking on the path shown by Shiv Baba, his blessing and powers are for you. Plus we the godly family are with you. There may be a physical separation, but we are ‘spiritually’ connected.

On Godfatherly Service

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