Separation After Marriage

Separation after marriage and two grown up children is getting difficult for a mother. She writes email to us asking for guidance on How to resolve misunderstandings with husband. Here is our response.

Original Email Received

Om Shanthi!

My husband being MBA left a good job and started abusing me verbally. Gradually, it turned to physical then I left the house. I have two grown-up children who are with him.

Neither he talks or allow kids to meet me from more than 4 years now we are living separately. I stay in the same town but with my nephew in my sisters house fully supported by siblings though once he sent my daughter for a week to stay with me that to 2 years back and all this siblings uncle, aunt’s are in good terms with me. I work in pvt school to keep myself self-occupied.

Please guide me how to resolve the issue.

My husband and son hate me to the core. Poor daughter is unable to express her views.

Will Rajyoga help? How to begin the Sankalp or positive thinking? What has to be done?

Warm regards,

Our Email Response+ Guidance

To: Everyone reading this From: Prajapita BrahmaKumari Ishwariya VishwaVidhyalay (Godly Unversity)

Good morning

To resolve the problems – the better way is to remain physically away from each other but keep sending pure positive vibrations to them. Daily in morning – practice ”Swamaan” and then with powerful thoughts, send them love energy – create good thoughts about them.

Swamaan Abhyas commentaries -> (save this YouTube playlist)

This practice will resolve your family matter in a short time if you do with attention and good feelings for everyone. With this also keep in touch via phone. First do this Swamaan and sending vibrations (Sakash) for 7 days and then do a phone call and talk. Notice if there is any improvement in the relationship. Have patience. If you send love, it will be returned.


Practice Swamaan and learn RajYog, your mental and spiritual stage will rise and this will automatically reflect in your family life also. RajYog guided commentaries -> (save this link)

( Above are guided commentaries for daily use.)


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Accha namaste

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