Husband Wife and Anger

A sister facing relationship problems with husband after 25+ years of marriage. Asks for guidance on how to give good vibrations to life partner so that they can heal the anger. This is our advice.

Original Email Received

Om Shanti, I have been having strained relations with my spouse for over last two months ( this is after 27 years of marriage). He is a good soul but is not ready to reconcile /does not want to reconcile, does not want to talk. I have apologized many times ( for things that I felt right at given situations and I did not mean any ill will) but he still holds anger towards me.

I have been seeing and following videos by sister Shivani, BK Suraj Bhai and have been following the advice to send him the vibrations of peace and love. I have been trying but many times it hurts thinking about it and thinking about the reason why such a drastic reaction.

I want him to be peaceful and happy and free from anger. How can I make myself powerful to create a positive aura and send peace to him and help him heal?

Om Shanti,

Our Email Response+ Guidance

To: Everyone reading this

From: Prajapita BrahmaKumari Ishwariya VishwaVidyalaya

Topic: Relationship with life partner

Dear Divine Sister It is good that you have been learning from videos of Sister Shivani and BK Suraj bhai. You have mentioned that he (husband) is a good soul and yes all God’s children are good souls. But, your Spouse’s behavior changes after 27 years of marriage and he was not behaving in this way before. We advise you to follow these steps to overcome the situation.

1. First of all you must understand the Karmic pattern of Relationships. Due to our past Karmic account two souls come together to perform the role of spouse. Hence whatever we had given in the past either in the past lives or present life we do not know when it will return back to us. This is the energy exchange between two souls that we are unaware of. Watch the following video on:

Relationship are an Energy Exchange of Thoughts:

2. You have mentioned that as per your Sanskar you find that some of the behaviors are not appropriate. But different people have different Sanskars and whatever is wrong for you may be right for him. But you should remember there is a folder of original Sankars of each soul. Try to open that folder through giving positive vibrations. For this watch this video on 

5 Types of Sanskars we all carry:

3. You want to heal him, but when you think that you do not want to absorb any negativity from other soul, itself is a negative energy that you are sending to the other soul. Do not focus on his negative reactions. From the mind itself you need to clean that feeling. If possible sit silently and write down all his good qualities and good times that you have spent together during last 27 years, and be grateful.

Do watch/listen the below videos:

a) When relationship breaks (Bk Suraj bhai)-

b) Thoughts create a relationship-

c) Cure your relationships-

d) Steps for a strong relationship- e) healing relationship-

4. It is recommended for you to send him healing vibrations daily. Start with half or one hour daily. This is called SAKASH.. Choose an appropriate hour of day, either Amritvela(between 2 am to 5 am) or 3:30 am to 4 am is recommended or any other as per your convenience.  You can also do it in evening- between 6:30 to 7:30.. You must do both in Amritvela and evening for fast results.

Refer: How to Give Sakash:

(article) 21 days Yog Bhati:

Follow the links on our forum

(QandA) Husband and Wife ->

If you have not taken any Raj Yog meditation course, Join in any of our centers nearby your area.

Follow these steps. Contact again if needed.

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