Thoughts Create Destiny?

It is believed that our thoughts create our destiny. But it is not very well understood. Actually, our present karma creates our future. While karma or actions are influenced by thoughts. Second, that we are the creator of our life, not our \birth (kunadli / nakshtras)

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Dear Sister Shivani, Om Shanti I’m writing this mail to seek your guidance on couple of issues in life. ”Thoughts make destiny” is what you say and I completely understand that. However, what if fearful thoughts dominate one’s mind & one is not able to think right inspite of best efforts? This problem has been there for many years around with me. So thoughts of accident & illness will keep troubling me. Medication either works temporarily, doesn’t work at times or else works adversely. I seek your advice, what am i supposed to do? My second question is about my birthchart. So i am born in mool – nakshtra which is considered bad for the Father. That is hampering my life and that is the reason i am not married till date & have always missed good opportunities relating to career. What should be my thought process on this matter? I meditate but the best I’m able to do is to quieten my mind. That too takes a lot of time. I’ve still not been able to connect to Parampita Shiv Baba. How do i do that? Thanks & regards.

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To: Everyone reading this From: BkShivani, Prajapita BrahmaKumari Ishwariya VidshwaVidhyalay (Godly University)

1. Thoughts make destiny… Dear Sister such thoughts which are misleading (accident, etc) are called ”waste thoughts”. Because such thoughts have no reason to exist. Such thoughts come and threatens us and nothing bad happens. So this is a challenge of the moment – when you get such a thought, at the same moment you must defeat it by creating a positive or calming thought and empowering the positive thought.

2. Second question is about my birthchart.(does Nakshatra decide our life? )


We create our own life. It is true that our Karma of past births influences our present life – when and where will be born, how will be our initial life, etc. But as we continue in the journey, we are doing more new Karma which again shapes the future. DO NOT believe that your life is pre-destined by nakshatra. If one have the ability and will power, he can change any situation and create a life of own choice. God is the source of such power.

3. RajYog Meditation means to experience (realise) the self as a Soul and then to connect with the Supreme soul (visual). This needs 2 points of knowledge.

1. I am a soul and my father is the Supreme Soul

2. Now I want to become Pure and Perfect by remembering my ever-pure and powerful father.

Above 2 thoughts should be kept constant while you sit for RajYog. Know more ->

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