Mind and Brain Difference

Here is pointwise difference between brain (of body) and the mind (of the Soul). 

Answer: Brain is a physical organ of this body. Brian is the operator between your entire body (organs, senses) and the mind of soul. Understand that clearly. Just as an operator connects 2 different things, such that the ‘brain’ connects ‘body’ and the ‘mind’ of the soul. In this way, I the soul is ”indirectly” working and using this body – via the mind – then via the brain.

See how great work our creator has done. This all process happens in almost no time.

While mind is an internal property of Soul. Through this faculty (mind), the Soul can visualise, remember things and organise the pieces of information. So this called mind is without a form. While brain definitely has a form and size. Mind is higher dimensional.

Soul –  The director/commander/chairman/president

Intellect – The co-chairman/judge of what is right and wrong

Mind – The Prime Minister (the working CEO)

Brain – The operator and controller of senses

Senses – Produces and sends us signals of hot and cold, comfort and discomfort, etc.

Organs – Makes up the body and its functions.

This is the HOLY creation for the Soul. This is how we live. One can say – Mind is the most used facility of me the Soul. Intellect is used to make decisions. Brain is constantly used during the day.

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Above page leads you to the Day 1 of the seven days RajYog course. Go on and after you complete -> click NEXT.

(short film) WHO AM I ? -> 

Introduction of GOD -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXOR8BHDP6c

Do watch both videos. 


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