Is God the source of Murli knowledge?

Is Shiv Baba (God) the source of knowledge? Such doubts may come in many souls. So here is our thoughtful guidance on how to think about this and conclude yourself. The knowledge of murli is direct teachings of the incorporeal Supreme soul (Shiv) through his medium Prajapita Brahma (in whose body Shiv enters and speaks). This is for everyone – new and old in Gyan. Do SHARE – this is VERY IMPORTANT Q and A post.

Original Email/Questions Received

Om Shanti Respected Brother, I am grateful to Brahmakumaris for the spiritual knowledge. Actually I have been in connection with many spiritual NGOs since years who seems to preach a similar knowledge as to BrahmaKumaris. Some of the knowledge though same like BKs, some of them were different and they also used to claim all the knowledge was from God. Same predictions were there regarding the end of Kaliyug.

After listening to the lectures of BK Sister Shivani, my life got a spin. I felt her teachings made sense. But when it comes to the authenticity of knowledge that Paramatma is teaching through Murli and all, my mind is unable to accept and I feel it’s the same claim like my previous organisation and every organisation might doing the same with their followers. Though I know that Sister Shivani’s guidances are also extracted from Murli itself, but when I read them separately, I get doubtful. Hence, you might understand my dilemma and that is the point where my faith becomes shaky. I think because of that, I am not able to get proper experience in meditation as my intellect gets blocked. My intellect says if God is only one, then why the knowledge varies from organisations to organisations! Paramatma should guide all organisations equally and knowledge should be identical. And you know, my doubts got the fuel when I saw an youtube video of one BK sister who said that she got Dengue as she had done pest control ( cockroaches) because of the karmic accounts and this was told to her in meditation by Paramatma Shiv Baba!!! (I have attached the screenshot). Now, when people spread such messages on the name of Supreme God, do you think it is realistic for ordinary people like us to believe in the authenticity of knowledge!

If you could suggest me some points to get out of this dilemma and the ways to experience Paramatma’s love and power, it will be very helpful for me. Also, how to check if the guidance I get from meditation is truly Paramatma’s or it’s just an illusion! I am Shanti

Our Email Response

To: Everyone reading this

From: On behalf of Shiv Baba (our Spiritual Father)

Dear Divine Brother/Sister

You have asked that is ParamAtma (God) is one and is working for world transformation through many means (including Prajapita BrahmaKumari Ishwariya VishwaVidhyalay) then all knowledge should be similar. We are delighted to tell you that yes Shiv baba is or has done impact to world through many means (souls)

God comes to give his inheritance (of Satyug/golden age) to his children. For this Shiv baba has to create children. To create means to re-emerge the original virtues in the souls. Knowledge is the source of all virtues. Hence this Godly knowledge is given through the mouth of Prajapita Brahma (read on page: What is Murli) or page: History of Yagya

The world is with differences of opinion. Every religion sees God differently. Hence to do good to them, God has to reveal himself in such different forms. For some God has to reveal as a Father (loving) and for some God has to reveal as a teacher (knowledgeful) and for some as a friend. For example, for us children, God is our father (loving and caring) and also is a teacher (gives knowledge)

THINK If all points to the same then what is the real purpose of them? If someone copy and follows the same wisdom as served at PBKIVV (BKWSU) then they won’t be able to establish their unique identity. You can think like this – those who take knowledge from Shiv baba but does not join the Gyan Yagya are of another religion (Islam, Buddhism, Christian, etc.). Those souls are not a part of the divine Brahman family and thus they go and create their own group. This is very subtle to understand and it gives immense spiritual joy to know all this picture happening now. 

World is very big and you cnanot know everything happening right now. So have faith in Shiv baba. Follow the Shrimat and love everyone. Even if someone decides to follow other’s wisdom, he is actually following God’s knowledge but indirectly. It is definitely Baba’s shrimat to take this Gyan directly through murli.

(audio) ParamAtma aur Murli ka Parichay (Hindi speech by BK Shivani):

Refer: Revelations from Murli ->

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Accha namaste

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