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Past life karmic accounts can bring two souls closer using means. Our moral understandings/values if does not permit us to let anyone close as we are already married. So how to control the feeling and how to deal the situation so that we don’t hurt anyone? Here is our guidance.

Original Email Received

I am married for 11 years now and have one daughter. I know a person whom I met before my marriage, we were just friends. Then, I got married and moved to a different place. We were not having contact for many years. Recently, 2-3 years back we were in contact again. Now, we are in regular touch via phone. He is also married and have 2 kids. But, somethings when we talk over the phone, I feel we cross our limits. We get lost in conversation. Afterwards I regret for that. Now, he is planning to meet me in a different place. Should we meet is my big question?? I want to see him after many years but at the same time really worried that we may do something wrong. So, please suggest. Thanks.

Our Email Response

To: Everyone reading this From: Prajapita BrahmaKumari Ishwariya VishwaVidhyalay (Godly University)

Good morning Dear Sister

If you are properly connected with us, you will know that our first dharna is of Purity (celibacy) which comes as we look each other as brothers (or brother-sister). As we all are souls, we all are brothers, the children of one God (the Supreme Soul). Apply this wisdom (knowledge) in your life and whatever you feel – you can do. As you consider the self as an eternal pure soul, you cannot do any wrong. Can you? There is no such feeling…

Now meeting someone is only if you have some important reason. We advise – if you have not a good reason to meet, DO NOT meet. As this can further bring complication in both’s lives. You have a child – so focus on your own family life. Many things are to be done in life – why to waste time in talking!

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