Fear of losing people

How to overcome the fear of losing people? Realise that we all are souls – children of God (the Supreme Soul). This way you and me are actors who are playing our part in this great world drama. Soul will never die, as it was never born. So why is there any fear of losing anyone.!

Original Email Received

Mam bhut bhut Naman. You have changed my thinking to some extent in the days of my sadness and despair. I am teacher by profession since 27 years. I have two lovely sons and now I have adopted a girl child too since 4 years. Mam my son had a dream to go to US and work which has taken shape in his company now. And he’s leaving for 3 months initially and if he switches his job he might stay on for 3 years. Mam me and my husband couldn’t reconcile with this because we want our kids to be around till we live. We are suffering since a month. We cried a lot spoke to him too. Then I started listening to your advices on various things n got relieved to quite an extent. Kindly help me further how to bear this pain and help my husband too please… Regards 

Our Email Response

To: Anyone who needs this

From: Prajapita BrahmaKumari Ishwariya VishwaVidhyalay (Godly University) Good morning Dear Divine Sister

In such situation, if your son really wish to go, then as parents, you should let him go. You have another son and 1 daughter also. They will take your care. ALWAYS  remember – Never create pain for anything. Everything happens for a good reason. So not to worry. God has gifted you with 2 sons and now you adopted a daughter. The good karma you have done will definitely pay in future. This is too, a good signal. 

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