PART 2 – Guidance on Compassion, Not to Judge

PART 2 -> Guidance on: What is real compassion and real HELP? What is our great nature? Do not judge others quickly. Even if it seems wrong, wait and watch. Learn for yourself and guide others towards God.

Here is an email letter received from a new godly student Jonali. They already wrote letter and we gave a detailed response. Access that conversation here:

About an event happened around a centre which she believes was a mistake by Sisters/brothers at that centre. Here in this ‘Response’ we do not judge anyone, but give a higher vision.

We hope, this response will guide you also in many ways possible.Further Conversation

Email Received from Jonali on 9 Jan 2019

Good morning

I already mentioned that I was not present that day when the incident happened. So how could I mention about that I asked for help from them. And is it necessary that I should have present that day just to ask for help from the centre’s brothers-sisters? Wasn’t it their responsibility too as a human being for the sake of humanity?

Something happening in front of someone, suffering in front of own gate; it’s not a small event. If ignorance is the best policy, then sorry I didn’t know about this. I am not asking for illogical love for no reason, but love which is essential for others also.

There are lots of stray dogs, sadly suffering from hunger and pain, because we human beings have exploited everything from the nature and left nothing, not even compassion for them. There are some places and country who eat dogs. I have nothing to say. But someone is suffering in front of someone’s own gate, then that someone must try to help that helpless one. Someone is hugry near us or when we cross a place, we should give them something to eat,be it a human or stray animal. I am not saying to go, find and help everyone who need it.

Human being are intelligent, so we should use our intelligence to lower anyone’s suffering. People have adopted “don’t care” nature, because they can’t feel other’s pain. Once all people will start to feel others pain, that day the world will be most beautiful place to live.

I believe in karma, what goes from us, come to us again. Even one day’s small event also changes someone’s destiny. So karma will decide . But as a human being, I couldn’t stay silent regarding this. Anyways thank you for the reply. Om shanti.

Our Email Response


Good morning

You have a kind and precisely compassionate heart. That is a good nature. There are 3 types of nature in human souls.

1. Great

2. Good

3. Bad

Not that bad is a nature, but souls who become body conscious and forgets the true identity, falls down in vices. That nature is opposite to the ”great nature”. Hence called bad.

Now listen. The category your nature seems to be the GOOD. Know that more than 90% of souls comes in this category. Basically, souls who have virtues, who have good feelings for others or who atleast doesn’t wish to harm others, etc – those comes in this category.

Great souls are rare. They described greatness in every act. Their act should not reward anyone, nor should it punish – if said in common words. That means – they will not descriminate anything. They know, that all are beings derived from God’s image. All souls have their own speciality, which is unmatched. Hence they respect everyone. But with that, they inspire and support all to become better. They do not judge others. Never because they know the secrets. Great souls does not only do good to others, but their very presence will inspire others to do good actions. This is a Godly act. They serve through mind.

You can become a great soul. You already are good.

In your experience, saving the dog is a good act. But judging others, is that good? Unless we know the EXACT drama happened (which is not possible to know for us human souls), we must not create the final judgement. See, here do you know how must service those souls does or did in the name of God? Only God knows. Ok. If they made an inaccurate decision (there is no such thing as a WRONG decision. That is a beauty of life ), then if you are stable in Yog, then you can instead power them and explain the better way.

This is how we children of God should live – loving everyone equally and empowering those who need. Always remember, we all children are unique, are good. No one is bad really. They just have different degree of body consciousness. Souls with more soul consciousness, does make better decisions.

Here, we have a nice gift for you. Do hear this Audiobook – ”Conversations with God” in English –

You will certainly be benefitted. I personally listen this.

Also always remember, when you have 2 choices (there are always atleast 2 choices), then choose the one which reflects your original nature (of Peace, purity, love, bliss and power). When we do what reflects the self, we experience Bliss. Clear?

For a start to your journey, here is commentary of 5 forms of soul (Panch swaroop) by BaapDada –

Murli (video) on 5 swaroop abhyas –

5 forms of Soul (explained with pictures);

Do watch provided videos and also read the above post.

Tell us your experience after this.

Waiting for your response.


In Godfatherly (Godly) Service


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