Do NOT Judge someone quickly (Higher Vision)

What is real compassion and real HELP? What is the nature of God? Do not judge others quickly. Even if it seems wrong, wait and watch. Learn for yourself and guide others towards God.

Here is an email letter received from a new godly student Jonali. She writes about an event happened around a centre which she believes was a mistake by Sisters/brothers at that centre. Here in this ‘Response’ we do not judge anyone, but give a higher vision.

We hope, this response will guide you also in many ways possible.

Original Email Received in Jan 2019

Om Shanti Shiv Baba,

I am student soul of New Guwahati Brahmakumari center. Yesterday in the evening, outside near the gate of this New Guwahati Brahmakumri center, a dog was lying and crying in pain. He couldn’t move and his one leg was shivering and so his body was also. It was very cold. My mom and one aunty bought biscuits and gave it to him. We were really hopeful that the behenjis and bhaijis who work there everyday and stay long in the center, they will sort out this issue. If they need money for petrol and ask everyone for contributions, no one will refuse, because everyone wanted to help the dog and everyone respects Behenji’s request. Surprisingly it seems a careless issue for the Behenjis and young Bhaijis, who are all the time ready to give “seva”. We asked the Behenji and Bhaiji of the center today about the that dog. But they simply, sweetly, innocently replied we don’t know which I was not expecting from them at all. How could they be such inhumane after being so much dedicated to God.

Is this kind of ” Seva” or service our beloved God Shiv Baba want everyone to do “ignore others pain”, even in front of eyes? I want answer from Brahamkumari as it relates to them. I believe in Nirakar Baba and will always respect him. But I am disappointed with some of his Sakar children.
With regards

Our Email Response

Dear Divine Brother/Sister

Good morning
Your email letter is received and read. You have waited 6 or 7 days which is too long for a Soul like you. Hope you shall see above a personal level and you see the truth as it is. Do read this email as if this is the most important thing to do. Attention Please.

Not you and not the center incharge’s decision is preferred. Both of you made a mistake.

Centre brother/sister made a mistake when they did not attend you (in case you asked them for help). But you didn’t mention if you did ask or not for their help?

You made a mistake as you didn’t know the reason of their silence or non-helping. Do you know if that were aware of this or not? You simply judged and expected a lot. You should have simply asked them if someone is free to help. Also as you created a big matter from a small event. You also spread your opinion about this. Isn’t it?

I will tell you a greater general truth of life. So listen:

” What is a real help to someone, depends on many aspects. Not necessary that giving somebody what they ask for is a help to them. No. Sometimes if you not give them they want, they shall find their own way and by doing this, they develop and grow themselves. They become better.”

Therefore, Shiv baba teach us and not only teach us, but also inspires us to teach others. Give others or inspire others to do something good. This is ”mansa sewa”. Both are service.

Hope you are getting at the heart of this entire conversation. The essence is that Was it not the magic of that place, that many people gathered to help a poor dog, while you yourself know that such does happen rarely… Didi or the sister or brothers did not help directly. So someone else got the opportunity.

Anyway, of course I know that they did not do this deliberately. There must be a reason. If they did not react even after knowing, they made a mistake.

Shortly, this event became a medium for you to connect to this Godly service named as ”Shiv Baba Service” where every new or old souls get answers as Shiv baba’s Shrimat. The best answer.

Hope you also are benefitted. Lastly, saying that you are a kind hearted soul, much compassionate. BUT.. But this is not the best nature you can adopt.

You can adopt a better nature, that is – the nature such as of God (shiv baba). Wish to know?

Compassion does not mean to cry with them or to feel pain for them. No. Does God the father and creator of all of us souls feel pain when he see those in pain?? Think about this and you shall understand the real beauty of creation. Whatever is, it is perfect and is for a reason.

Essence: Creation or the World is made as an image of God. That is the whole nature serves us as God serves us. Souls who are in pain, are for a reason. There is NO accident that happens without a reason. There is always a good reason. God tries his best to solve the difficulties of his beloved children, so that we can resolve our past mistakes and be happy. The Law of Karma is followed for all.

God (Supreme Father):

Make you intellect wider. There are 84 lack different species on Earth. They all are souls. But only the human souls have mind and intellect. Rest all creatures only have a nature (sanskaar) with which they live their life.

It is nice that you have a compassionate heart. But if you cry and create sorrow, what shall you send them? You are sending them pain. Instead you should send them peace, love and power. Isn’t it?

As you get more Gyaan, your intellect will be focused on truth and you will get answers directly and instantly. Remember this.

Do tell you spiritual progress, How did you come in Gyaan and when? Hope this letter you save or print so that to keep for long time (we have emailed separately)

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On Godfatherly (Godly) Service

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