Study, Depression and Suicidal thoughts

Nowadays it has become common for students to feel depressed due to failure. This is our guidance on how to overcome such thoughts and come out winning with flying colors.

Original Email Received

Om shanti Mera naam vimlesh hai. me aap se Apne jiwan related Kuch poochna chati hoon. abhi kuch same se Me bahht udaas hoon. me medical ki student hoon aur abhi Maine apni higher studies ke liye exam Diya tha jo ke clear Nahi hua aur pehle bhi me do Baar kabhi ek marks se shortlist ho ke bhi select Nahi hui. MERI maa ke Saath bhi Mera Kisi Baat ko leke ladayi ho gayi jis vajah se me bahht udaas rehti hoon. kitni Baar to Mera Mann suicide Karne ko bhi Kiya. Aap mujhe batayenge me in sab se kaise niklu.

Email Response + Guidance

To: Everyone reading this
From: Prajapita BrahmaKumari Ishwariya Vishwa Vidhyalay (Godly University)

Dear divine Sister, “Success and failure are the part and parcels of life.”

However one should never get demotivated with these hurdles but take failure as a lesson and move ahead. If something is not working out according to your plan then its definitely as per God’s plan. Watch this~ solution to student’s life

1. Sister, don’t get upset or saddened. This way you’ll lose two things, first your concentration towards studies and second mental peace. And loss of both can cause even more hurdles in your life. This is the reason of increasing tensions between you and your mother.

The more you will keep yourself ‘झमेलामुक्त’ i.e free from confusions, more you will be effective and efficient in every sphere, be it studies or relationship with your mother.

2. Also causing the thoughts of suicide are the lowest and meanest level of thoughts. Suicide is never a solution to any problem but an accumulation of past life problems to the next one. In next life, this life’s issue will be carry forwarded. So there’s no Escape. Dealing is the only solution now.. (see point 3 for solution)

3. Your and your mother must Attend 7 days Rajyoga meditation course online or at your nearest center. ~ You must practice Swamans. This will help you transform your thoughts- > (save the link)

* Below are articles for you and your parents to read *

Role of Parents during exams:
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Study with concentration:


Listen the music & guided meditation commentaries to feel relaxed ->

Nature’s relaxing sounds -> (listen during study and study with concentration)

Watch/listen: suicidal thoughts (bk suraj) –

Watch; improve concentration power –

Follow these into your practical life and share your experience with us.
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